Wouldn’t it be awesome if you knew who, where and what are the users of your products are talking about it on the internet? Be it appreciation, or a complaint, wouldn’t it be great if you were the first one to know about it so that you can set a marketing strategy around it?

Say hello to Awario, a Digital Marketing Tool which tracks mentions of your brand and competitors across the web, discovers your niche influencers, engages with customers, and also finds new sales leads on social media.


  • Non stop monitoring of web for mention of your keywords
  • See the most impactful conversations first
  • Tracks mentions for keywords in any language
  • Handy Folders for organised workspace
  • Get new discussions in your inbox


  • Sentiment Analysis to help you measure tone of mention
  • Very user-friendly- Alerts right away it finds keywords
  • Affordable and cheaper when compared to other similar tools


  • Setting up searches can be tricky
  • Sometimes the program moves slow
  • No option to manage users

Pricing Structure

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