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First Launch is a full-service digital marketing agency in Bangalore, India, helping startups and enterprise companies thrive on the digital front through the harmony of digital marketing, website development, and visual solutions. We scale brands with an ROI-based approach, making us one of Bangalore’s best digital marketing agencies.

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore Full Service Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore Full Service Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore
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First Launch is a full-service digital marketing agency in Bangalore, India, helping startups and enterprise companies thrive on the digital front through the harmony of digital marketing, website development, and visual solutions. We scale brands with an ROI-based approach, making us one of Bangalore’s best digital marketing agencies.

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Our Services.

Our digital marketing services enable startups and enterprise companies to establish their brand presence and scale globally through modern brand identity and ROI-based digital marketing services. The fundamental function of any digital marketing agency is to bring harmony between a business's core elements and highlight its unique proposition through the digital medium - and that’s exactly what we do!

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Case Studies.

Setting new benchmarks in digital marketing as we prove why we're the best digital marketing agency for your business

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Achieving 5000+ App Installs in 1 Month for a Fintech Brand

5000+ App Installs in the first month of a Global Neobank launch
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads


3X Increase in account open rate for online trading platform

3X Increase in account open rate for online trading platform
  • Google Ads
  • Optimizing Sign-up Flow

1st Rank

1st Position for High Competition Keyword on Google SERP

Ranking High Competition Keyword Clusters with Infographic Images on Google SERP
  • SEO
  • Image Optimization


70% Growth in Patient footfalls for a leading healthcare brand

70% Surge in Patient visits for Leading Healthcare Brand
  • Google Ads
  • Optimizing the Performance Max Campaign
Our Clients.

Our Services Enabling startups and enterprise businesses establish and scale globally through modern design and ROI-based digital marketing services.

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We Have Worked with

250+ Brands


Sushmith SG Unacademy

Susmith S. G.

Assistant Category Leader

The creative aspect of First Launch is definitely the highlight. They understand the current market trends and provides the best and creative solutions for the result. Their click-worthy and unique creatives has brought in a good response. Would recommend to others- 9/10.

Dr Rajani Battu CEGR

Dr. Rajani Battu.

Founder & Medical Director, CEGR

I worked with the team for the website of a very niche medical organization called Centre for Eye Genetics and Research ( I found the team very thorough, very efficient. They responded timely to my various requests. I was a bit finicky with the detailing; they were very patient with me with the multiple changes I requested. Very professional overall.

Amit Shetty Campmonk

Amit Shetty

Co Founder, Campmonk

Here’s a young company that knows about the SEO business. They deliver what they promise and are sure to add value to your business. First Launch had effectively created a good foundation by optimizing our website to rank on search engines thereby increasing our organic reach.

Kavya Varam group

Kavya Sabareesh

Director, Varam Group

‘First Launch’ literally has been the launchpad for marketing and pushing forward our new retail products. The team is congenial, talented and empathetic with the client’s requirements. We are happy being associated with Team First Launch.

Gowrav Sharma One Horizon Productions

Gowrav Sharma

Digital Lead, One Horizon Productions

Recently got some branding work done and the quality is top notch. Just the way we wanted it. Loved the experience.Thank you

Priyaranjan Wannathankyou

Priyaranjan Panigrahy.

Founder and CEO, WannaThankYou

First Launch has always been keen on working towards the traffic growth of WTY by their Digital Marketing efforts. I don't have to worry about my digital presence anymore since they perform their job with complete responsibility and accountability.

Dhananjay pagish

Dhananjay Dixit.

Co-Founder and CMO,Pagish

I had to always be involved with Pagish's Digital Marketing efforts which would distract me from focusing on other core business activities. First Launch has taken that off my to-do completely with better brand presence and higher percentage of social media traffic to the website.

First Launch Home Vector
Why Choose Us?

If you're still not convinced why we're the best digital marketing agency for your business, here's why we are the missing link to scale your business exponentially -

1. Integrated Digital Marketing Our highly advanced and diverse digital marketing team can tackle any target problem, irrespective of how minute or dynamic it is. Our team's got you covered, from content creation to web development and every other visual solution. Our various services deliver an outstanding, game-changing solution for all your marketing needs.

2. Brand Over Everything Approach We pay keen attention to everything your brand needs to ensure we become a voice and medium to deliver & stay true to the brand vision. Our knack for details and personalised service is the key to providing highly intuitive and scalable full-service digital marketing & design agency solutions.

3. ROI-Driven Approach Achieving quantifiable results for the capital spent is critical to us as your chosen digital marketing agency. We believe in seeing positive results and have delivered positive results to all the businesses we work with. Our highly experienced design team, backed with exceptional research, are all you would need to execute perfect designs or strategies to uplift your brand.

4. Innovative Solutions/ Value Added Thinking What makes us different from any other digital marketing agency in Bangalore is this team of creative Launchers who do not just think outside the box but also are doers of their ideas.
Our focus deeply impacts the intention of digital marketing, that is, to add value to the brand values. We do not make noise on the Internet; we create an impact that becomes a voice. This voice echoes First Launch, a leading digital marketing agency in Bangalore, India.

5. Creative Team/ Power-packed team Our carefully-curated team is determined, and our vision is driven to meet your needs. Each team member is armoured with phenomenal skills to uplift your brand. Our writers can go from being quirky to serious in the blink of an eye, giving you the brand voice you want. Our tech team can design research-inspired extraordinary designs to amplify your brand. This is the team for you: An extremely creative team for all your marketing concerns.


Our efforts to provide unmatched value to brands worldwide and become the go-to digital marketing agency in the spotlight!

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Question Mark- First Launch
Digital Marketing FAQs.
A digital marketing agency is a mechanical watch with many gears. When all these gears (digital marketing strategies) turn in unison, we perfectly represent your brand image in the industry. It pays to have a strong and dynamic digital persona in a world that is becoming more digital every day. It also helps with brand reach and lead development when building a brand from scratch.
We provide you with every kind of digital marketing service you can imagine. From Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Marketing to Branding and Design, we are Jack of all Trades and masters of each one. While you may not believe so, all these different processes are interrelated and play a significant role in providing maximum reach and brand recognition to your brand.
As one of the fastest-growing integrated marketing companies in Bangalore, we take care of social media management, brand account management, marketing campaigns, SEO, Search engine marketing, performance marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click, content marketing, along with branding, video production and web development services for your brand.
Well, that's easy. Choose us. The main thing you need to look at when hiring a digital marketing agency is what they offer in return for the money you are offering them. Our whole marketing approach is based on ensuring you receive the best return for your investment in our brand. That is our USP, and we stand by it fervently. Don't take our word for it. Look around the website and see what our clients (current and previous) have to say about us.
Digital marketing helps a company reach more people. It's as simple as that. Everything else that you achieve from it adds to the experience. The first and primary function of digital marketing is to ensure that every person in the vicinity who is interested or may become interested in your product/service knows about your brand.
Digital marketing services, especially social media, have become a blessing to all small businesses. Combined with a good functioning website and a small Google Ad campaign, small businesses can set themselves up to grow at a very fast rate while catering to a larger demographic. Also, unlike other forms of marketing, digital marketing tells you exactly how many people have seen your content and what is working for you and what isn't, which for a small business is a blessing.
If you look at our case studies section, you will understand why First Launch is very detail-oriented and focused on the ROI aspect of our digital marketing efforts. What makes us unique is that we understand the connection between what the market wants and what your brand needs and provide it just the way you want.
The right form of Digital Marketing for your brand can increase your customer base and boost sales and interactions that can be extremely profitable to your company. Good marketing comes with positive ROI, which can significantly impact your revenue.
Definitely Yes. Digital Marketing campaigns can boost your company's sales and awareness, reflecting your ROI. You can always measure your ROI and the marketing campaign's success and rework if necessary to convert your investments into quantifiable positive results.
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