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Why run Ads when SEO can bring you the Organic traffic and conversions you want? Doesn’t it sound simple? Well, maybe it really is. All you have to do is understand what SEO is!


Ranking on the first page on Google - First Launch


Back in 2018, when camping and camping-like experiences weren’t so common, a campsite aggregator wanted to sustain its business (here, conversions) and bring in organic traffic through SEO. Based in Bangalore, they had individual campsites across India and an optimized website. They were running Ads that gave them satisfactory results considering the high cost per lead they were running on, but they wanted something better. 


Their goal was simple – brand awareness and conversions through SEO. In simpler terms, they wanted more and more people to visit their website and convert, all through search. And so, we looked at it in The Launcher Way. 

SEO Strategy

There’s a basic understanding one needs to have about SEO, and it’s all about how many pages you can create with particular keyword(s). We took this understanding and ran with it. 

We began with competitor keyword research and picked a mix of high and low-traffic keywords. Since they were predominant in and around Bangalore, we picked keywords that were most relatable to the same. For example, camping in Bangalore, camping places near Bangalore, etc. Most of these were high-traffic keywords. 

Keywords to Rank

Optimizing their already optimized website wasn’t enough. There had to be more content with our specific keywords to raise the SEO ranking. Blogs are one of the best ways to do that. But who could decide what blog topics were the best? We did. We decided the best blog topics could be around the keywords themselves. For example, camping in Bangalore now became a blog called “Best Places To Camp In Bangalore.”

Our approach was divided into two parts; One, we selected short-tail keywords to increase organic traffic, like “camping”, “camping tents”, and “weekend getaways”. Two, we selected long-tail keywords for lead generation, like “camping in Bangalore”, “camping places near Bangalore”, and “best places to camp in Bangalore”.

Blog topics for SEO

Another thing to consider in SEO is that the page size, as well as load time, matters a lot. But with a website that’s filled with high-quality full-sized images, there had to be some changes made if we wanted to reach our goal. So we took up the task of improvising the website just to fit in with the requirements. Across the 200 pages that their website had, we rendered and resized all the images in 3 different sizes just enough so they fit the display and were not blurred enough. Alongside this, we optimized these pages and added keywords in image descriptions and Alt Tags. Alt Tags had keywords like “a weekend getaway from Bangalore” and “places to visit near Bangalore, ” all signalling the search engine.


The goal was achieved successfully. Not only did the website come up on page 1 for the keyword “camping”, but the enormous amounts of blogs also started ranking. These together gave a huge amount of organic traffic and conversions.

If the results were to be seen statistically, we just got in a tad more numbers than they were already receiving. If the results were to be seen practically, we overachieved. The Ads were stopped completely. We not only converted the whole of their organic and paid traffic but also gave them more results than they were previously getting. SEO compensated for Ads.

Now, this is indeed the true power of SEO! 

You can implement the above steps in your SEO Campaign Strategies, or you can always get in touch with us.

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