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Achieving 4X of the Industry Standard Conversion Rate through Google Ads.


This is a Google Adds case study about one of our notable clients, a popular SalesForce Automation Software, which is built exclusively to improve secondary sales effectiveness by enabling the sales vertical of the organization to maximize their sales through effective communication and performance tracking within the app across hierarchical responsibilities.

The app provides advanced features and smart tools to manage primary, secondary, van, and modern retail sales.

Our client has cut-throat competition in the market, and they were persistent in gaining more leads in a shorter period. Since the keywords were in high demand, also the ticket value was higher, we wanted to adopt Search Engine Marketing.


The sole objective was to generate as many leads as possible and increase the conversion rate while reducing the cost per conversion. And this was expected to be done faster.

Our Tactical approach:

  • Tech and Design
  • Search Engine Marketing
First Launch - Sales Dairy Achieved 4x Ad Conversion

Tech and Design

No matter how well we can run the campaign, if the landing page is not impressive, we might as well forget about generating any leads. Before beginning with the campaign, we revamped the website of the app, giving it a professional and sales-y look and making it attractive to the target audience.

Although the campaigns determine the click-through rates, the landing page determines the conversion rates. So careful consideration was given to designing the landing page and inserting relevant keywords.

We kept the goal of conversion in mind from the beginning stage of design, be it in the headline, or placement of the logo, appealing font and even the emphasis on features. We also ensured displaying a proper CTA on the landing page so that the visitors wouldn’t get confused about taking the desired action.

Google Ads:
Search Engine Marketing

Since the client was looking for conversions within a shorter period, we decided to go ahead primarily with a Google Ads campaign, Social media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Once the landing page was ready, we kickstarted the ad campaign. We adopted the following approach-

  • Thorough research of keywords
  • Understanding the target audience and the kind of keywords they were searching for.
  • Understanding the search queries by getting search query reports and eliminating negative keywords driving irrelevant traffic.
Average CPC Google Ads - Sales Diary First Launch


  • A successful ad-word campaign requires constant monitoring and continuous optimisation so that necessary adjustments can be made along the way.
  • Use different ads leading the audience to various landing pages. See which ad copy works the best and iterate on ad copies based on CTRs and impressions.
  • Use heat maps to understand user behaviour and analytics to understand the website’s most visited sections and pages.


The Click-Through Rate within a month of the campaign was 7.45% which is much higher than the average industry rate, which is just 3.17%.

The Click-Through Rate within a month of the Google Ads Campaign was 7.45%, much higher than the average industry rate of just 3.17%.

We achieved these magnanimous results with just an average CPC of Rs 14.78/- by the end of the campaign.

fl-CTR-SalesDiary- Google Ad Campaign
First Launch Conversion Rate Sales Diary
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