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Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry – Why is it Important?

by First Launch on Wednesday Sep 08

Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry is the need of the hour, and its role is significant for consistent growth. If you have not implemented any digital marketing strategies and approach for your healthcare service or institute, now is the right time to adopt them.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, a lot of things have changed. Social media and the internet have greatly helped in the efforts to maintain a normal life and carry out various day-to-day activities that would otherwise have been impossible to carry out. A lot has changed, primarily how we look at marketing in general.

We were already seeing a shift towards Digital from traditional forms of marketing, and the pandemic just accelerated that process. As a result, digital marketing in the healthcare industry has also paced up during the pandemic.

As things shifted online because none could go out, the time people spent online increased. Even the people who avoided going online because of various reasons had to learn how to do things online to fulfil basic needs.

Here are some of the things that improved in the Healthcare Industry due to Digital marketing:

Improved reach within the healthcare industry

This is an opportunity that the healthcare industry can also capitalise on, as it will help reach more people than it did before. Before, a large part of the population did not use the internet and hence was inaccessible. The assumption was made that traditional forms of healthcare marketing reached them. With Digital Healthcare Marketing, we have real-time information on how much insight we have generated and can adjust the digital marketing strategy accordingly.

Easier consultations and communication

Throughout the pandemic, something else has shifted online. Doctor’s appointments. With no option to get out of your house, websites like Practo started getting doctors to take online consultations through them. The healthcare industry has benefited from this by finding a safe and swift way to make consultations while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

Showcase your healthcare services

Sometimes people don’t visit you because they don’t know about all the services you offer. With the internet, you can make a section & market services digitally. This can, in turn, help all the people with different needs looking for your healthcare.

Build a loyal customer base

Digital marketing is not just about being visible in the digital sphere. It’s also about providing a platform for your customers to talk about your business and give their reviews. This will, in turn, generate more leads as new clients will get to know about your services from real people instead of advertisements and marketing gimmicks. Hence they will trust your business and boost your healthcare reputation.

Effective marketing tool

Social media, amongst other Digital Marketing tools, is a cost-effective form of marketing, especially in the healthcare industry, that can be fine-tuned to the last details. The ads pushed through social media and Google ads are very effective because you get to decide who sees them and if they fit your target audience. This can help clients with urgent medical attention needs who don’t know about your practice. You can experiment with these ads as they are relatively cheaper than other traditional forms of advertising and are very easy to set up. Also, if you use things like targeted ads, you can get even more lead conversions because the ads that you see are triggered by what searches you make and other details.

digital marketing role in healthcare Industry

Versatile marketing strategy

The best part about Digital Marketing in Healthcare is that it’s versatile. With other forms of promotion, there is no room for experimentation, but with Digital marketing, the sky’s the limit.
You can cater to the patients by putting up relatable content, or you can try other, more inorganic methods to boost your leads. It all depends on what kind of practice you head to, your target audience, and what kind of healthcare marketing strategy works best for you.
The best way to create a strategy is to collaborate with the in-house marketing team or hire a digital marketing agency.

Monitoring the online reputation in the healthcare industry

Monitoring the online reputation that you have gives you an accurate idea of how you are handling your business. It gives you a real-time idea of the things that are going well for your customers. This can be useful as certain people like to be treated a certain way and especially since it’s medicine, good specific reviews mean that other patients who want to be treated the same way can find you after reading the reviews.

The magic of SEO in the Healthcare industry

The best thing about digital marketing in the Healthcare industry is the SEO angle. When people search for keywords related to your practice, you can be found first. This, along with the reviews and other social media resources, can help in generating a good amount of leads.

People near you can also use google search to find you, and there is a stat that says that 28% of the searches made for things nearby end up with items being purchased. Search engine optimisation greatly increases the chances of this happening by putting you on top of the food chain and can be a turnaround for digital healthcare marketing.

A continuous line of communication

Using Digital Marketing in Healthcare, you can open an open line of communication with your patients/customers. Before, patients had to wait until the next day before they could clear their queries. Now with the help of self-answering bots and real-time messaging, people can ask questions and find answers to generic problems.

Sometimes people also don’t have the time to make the trip to the clinic directly but have problems that don’t need in-person consultation. This is where your Healthcare Digital Marketing aspect comes in, where you can have a messaging service and even a video conference service available for your clientele according to their needs.

Conversion rates have gone up mainly due to the pandemic, with people not being able to visit actual hospitals unless something really bad is happening to them. Having a good Digital media strategy helps people find your page faster, but that’s not all. You won’t get conversions if you rank higher in SEO but have a bad website. If people go to your social media and see that there aren’t a lot of posts there, they’ll think that there is something wrong with your business. Having a balanced digital marketing strategy will help your healthcare business grow and make it a lot easier and accessible to a wider range of people. This will, in turn, let you help more people.

This article covers the tip of the iceberg regarding digital marketing for the healthcare sector. Look around our digital marketing blog section to find more interesting articles about the same and related to the Digital marketing industry in general.

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