How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Channel for Your Business

by Vedh Jagadish on Thursday Oct 11

Digital Marketing has seen tremendous growth in the past few years and has been steadily taking over traditional marketing. The businesses are no more interested in targeting the mass, rather they are willing to target the relevant audience all the while expecting the immediate feedback through digital marketing channel. The best thing about digital marketing is you can get incredible results with zero cost.

What with a variety of digital marketing tools that are available in the market, targeting the right audience and analyzing the results of a campaign has become a piece of cake. The real challenge doesn’t lie in implementing a marketing strategy, but in choosing the best digital marketing channel for the right customers.  

Digital Marketing has various channels. Some of the most popular ones are-  

1. Content Marketing:

Marketing a product with the power of words in the form of blogs, guest blogs, submitting the articles on various forums and sites to engage as many people as possible. Content Marketing is usually ideal for creating a Brand Awareness. The more the name of your brand pops up on various forums, the higher chances you have to gain more customers.  

2. Search Engine Optimisation

This is one of the marketing techniques which, if done rightly, gives slow yet definite results. SEO helps you to attract traffic to your website organically. Easy as it may sound, a lot of back-end works go into the building and maintaining of SEO rich website. SEO can be an ideal option to generate more leads.

3. Social Media Marketing

Anything can get trendy on social media, and that’s how powerful it is! Using Social Media to make any announcements or inviting the audience to engage, can be an effective form of digital marketing. Since the results can be immediately analyzed, strategies can be developed as per the result.   Social Media Marketing can be blindly opted for if the business objective is ‘Brand Awareness’.

4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels as it is the only form of marketing that lets the brand to create loyalty among the customers. With personalized emails, a brand can provide the customers just what they need and thereby increase their conversion rates. Email Marketing can serve to be a right channel if the business objective is ‘Brand Awareness’ and ‘lead generation’.

5. Mobile Marketing

It wouldn’t be reasonable to actually ignore the gadget that people find hard to stay away from when we are talking about digital marketing. Considering mobile in marketing whether, in the form of SMS marketing, mobile in-app display advertising or mobile responsive websites is very important and can also be very effective. Mobile Marketing might be a great option for lead generation for your brand, or if you have a mobile app, you can even consider app marketing platforms.

This is not a complete list of digital marketing channels, but they do form a majority. Having established the channels of digital marketing now comes the most important question. How to choose the best form of digital marketing?

Here are a few important factors to be considered while choosing the best digital marketing channel-

1. Identify the Business Objectives

Digital Marketing is ever evolving. What works out to be the best strategy today may become insignificant after a month. It’s important to first set the objective before running a marketing campaign so that the suitable channel can be selected and maximum benefit can be derived. The business objective can be anything, whether Brand Awareness or Lead Generation or even Direct Sales.

2. Define your Audience

If your target audience is not properly defined, you might as well not expect any best results out of the digital media marketing. Identifying the right audience might get tedious, but it is one of the most important jobs to be done. Suppose you have got great leads from Email Marketing, and fewer leads from Social Media  Marketing, it is not right on your part to stay comfortable with Email Marketing. Like mentioned before, what serves to be the best form of marketing strategy today may not even work after a month.

You need to continuously try different channels and different strategies to actually derive the best results. And that doesn’t mean targeting anyone and everyone wasting your time and resource. Thus comes into the picture, the importance of defining your audience.

3. Consider Your Budget

There’s a saying  “the cost of the lock should not be more than the value of what it’s guarding”. Keeping this in mind, the right combination of digital marketing channels in line with the budget must be selected.

You might even have to make a decision on whether to do the Digital Marketing all by yourself or to partner with a Digital Marketing Agency. This again is an important factor to be considered before deciding on the channels of Digital Marketing.

4. Competitor Analysis

Not just for Digital Marketing, but for any field, Competitor Analysis might come in handy in deciding the right channel of marketing your business. Although, this cannot be completely relied on and taken as a shortcut for your strategies. The beauty of digital marketing is, if it works for one, it need not necessarily work for the other. But it provides you with an idea on what channels, the customers are more engaging.

A right digital marketing channel for your business can take you to the newest heights, but one wrong decision can lead to greater damage. Various factors need to be considered before choosing the right channel, numerous experiments need to be conducted before getting comfortable with a form of marketing strategy, and different areas must be explored until you are completely satisfied that you indeed have chosen the right channel for your business.