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Best 7 SEO Tips To Rank At The Top On Google

by firstlaunch_admin on Wednesday Jun 13

Getting a good rank on search engines has never been so easy and challenging at the same time. For almost everyone who owns a website, getting a good SEO rank is the ultimate goal- but how many of them succeed in doing so?
Getting a good position in Google SERP takes loads of hard work, effort, investment, and consistency. In this increasingly competitive world, a website needs to suffice many purposes and parameters before it reaches its desirable rank. Here’s a 9-pointer checklist of all the best SEO Tips that you need to know about if you wish to attain the top rank on Google.

1. Crawlable URLs

To reach your goal, the first and foremost thing for any website is to have Googlebot’s spiders crawl it – to come to its page, understand the content, read the text, follow images and put everything into its web index.

Now, there are more than a million ways to attain this parameter. However, publishing fresh and new content, avoiding flash, AJAX, complex JavaScript menus, and incorrect XML sitemaps are a few mentions that must be on your top priority.

2. Discover Untapped Keywords

Other than Google AdWords and hashtags that burn social media, one can also explore the expanses of Reddit, which is deemed to be a goldmine of new and upcoming keywords. You can go to Reddit, search for your keywords and check for terms that are appearing over and over. This will also tell you what people are talking about and what’s trending otherwise in your niche.
This can also be a great exercise for you to know what Google thinks is important /relevant to your search. In that way, you can optimize your keywords and boost your SEO ranking.

3. Content

Content is the mother of a good SEO rank since everything that you should work on involves content. It is advisable that you have a seasoned professional create content for you, that you publish fresh content regularly, that you update your good blogs frequently and that you take full advantage of backlinks.

Through content creation, you have to fulfil your searcher’s goal. Other than that, work on the credibility, shareability, engagement, visibility and likeability of your content.

Tip- Refurbishing old blogs that have worked for you in the past can be a recipe for success. This can easily hike your traffic almost immediately.

4. Title description, meta description, and Alt tags

Optimizing your title, meta and alt tags can seem like an age-old daunting technique, but it is something which will never be obsolete, well, as long as SEO is in motion to build ranks on Google SERP.

Google is still hell-bent on using meta description quite frequently, making it equally pertinent for you too. To get started, look at all the keywords that Google AdWords suggests. All you must do is pick keywords that are trending and build on that.

Tip:  keep an eye on the most used tags and incorporate the same in your copies. Remember, you do not have to copy it because sooner or later, Google will catch it.

5. Link building

Another old yet gold SEO tip of all time is link building. Good link-building is like a plant that’s demanding in the beginning but will nurture on its own later. You can start by googling on top influencers in your niche and asking them to contribute; you can use tools like ‘check my link’ to look for broken links on a website and then suggest them to add your link/ give you a backlink and you can also humbly ask websites with high rank to give you link backs.

6. The ‘s’ in https

Users these days heavily rely on free Wi-Fi, which is why you need to tell your users that you care about their data and security. The “s” in “https” stands for secure and confirms that you are using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). For your users, it’s a trust-building endeavour. It tells them that you are protecting their data and won’t exploit their privacy. Furthermore, it is not just them; Google, too, is quite fond of HTTPS websites. It aims to promote the links that are best for the user, thereby giving more preference to these links. Https links also save from proxies and offer a better platform for analysis.

7. Featured Snippets and Schema mark-ups

According to RankRanger, featured snippets appear in 9.1968 per cent of search queries. These snippets are what will bring your otherwise hidden listing to the top of the search page result, which is why they are called position ‘0’ (zero).

If you want to ace the SEO game by answering a user’s question or helping them when they are in need instead of stuffing your product in their face, use featured snippets for smart and long-lasting results. There are different types for you to experiment with – paragraph, process, table etc. Similarly, with the help of Schema mark-ups – a semantic vocabulary to have your content presented in a more readable form, you can hike your visibility almost immediately. Schema markups tell Google what your data means; therefore, it is important that you use them thoroughly and efficiently.

I hope this article was helpful in understating what some evergreen SEO Tips that will get you on top are. Being on of the best SEO company in Bangalore, the key is to be consistent for a very long time and not to seek results in the first few days of execution. It is only with uniformity and steadiness that your hard work pays off while doing SEO. Check out How we increased lead generation by 700% with SEO.