How Your Favourite Brands Celebrated Diwali – Facebook Marketing

by Vedh Jagadish on Thursday Oct 19

Facebook Marketing is all about creating engaging content. Leveraging trends to promote the brand seems to be the success mantra to stay relevant on Facebook or any social media platform as a matter of fact.

To break it down further, the rationale to this strategy is attracting the millennials, who (if done right) become ride or die fans of your brand. With about 88% of millennials turning to Facebook for news and information, if you’re Facebook game isn’t strong, you’ve lost over half the market.

Many brands hop on trends around TV Shows, sports and even social issues to subtly promote themselves by giving their two cents. While Game of Thrones, sporting events and challenges seem to be the usual suspects, the holiday season takes the cake. It’s a kind of marketing free-for-all as I like to call it since it’s the only time that going¬†berserk with your sale and promotions on Facebook, seems acceptable.

SALE SALE SALE! That is likely what you see on your timeline, this Diwali. While most brands tend to go head over heels with their promotions, some stick to their creative wits and take it up a notch.

This is a roundup of our favourite Facebook posts, from the festive season-

1. Pizza Hut

2. All India Bakchod

3. Faasos

4. Amazon India

5. Bingo

6. TVF Qtiyapa

7. McDonalds

8. HealthKart

9. OlaCabs

10. Central

With that, here’s Team First Launch wishing you and your family a very happy Diwali!