Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Growing Brands

by First Launch on Monday Sep 20

What are Digital Marketing Strategies?

Digital Marketing involves a vast landscape of marketing tools used to market brands. A digital marketing strategy is formed by Marketing Agencies or In house marketing teams to achieve certain goals related to the brand. In this day and age when digital is the best medium of marketing, here are some digital marketing strategies that you can use to grow your brand in the digital space. Go through these skills and use the ones that you think can help grow your business digitally.

Here are some of the best digital marketing strategies being used by digital marketing agencies for growing brands around the world:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most people on the internet discover your website first while doing a google search. It’s usually the first point of contact or the final point of contact before a lead is converted. If your website isn’t made airtight then everything else falls apart. SEO or search engine marketing is the process of optimizing your web page so that it has better visibility when people search for it on respective search engines. This helps you to generate leads and convert prospective customers. You could call SEO the base to Digital Marketing because your website has to show up when the keywords related to your brand are searched for.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

To understand this concept you need to first understand what Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is. When a user submits a query, the page that a search engine returns with is called SERP. Usually, along with Organic search results (Mainly through SEO), there are some pay per click (PPC) spots at the top of the page. Even when you spend money, your page has to be highly optimized, the landing page you choose has to be up to date and the money you spend has to be satisfactory for you to appear on the first page when a particular keyword is searched for. It is highly customizable and you can choose whatever suits your brand best. You could call SEM the effective digital marketing strategies to increase visibility in SERP.

Local Search Marketing

People search for businesses that are in their locality in order to buy something. You can use different google tools to optimize various things that can help you to rank higher when someone near you searches for something that you are selling. Google my business helps you to get your listings online when someone searches for related keywords, it also lets you add your business to google maps for easier accessibility. These listings can be updated frequently because it’s easy to do. Online reviews from customers will help motivate the new customers to also go local.

Content Marketing

“Content is king” is something that we have been hearing for quite some time now. What content marketing essentially does is builds a content base around your brand that is valuable and relevant to your audience. It is posted in a consistent fashion in order to keep the brand visible in front of the consumers on a regular basis.

Content marketing is evolving along with the world. 50% of the devices around the world are now made up of mobile devices. The content you put out also needs to be specific to that concept.


Remarketing is basically creating a loop where the user is constantly exposed to ads related to what you have seen on a website. When the cookies are saved on your device you start seeing retargeted ads. This helps in keeping your brand fresh in the minds of potential customers who are reminded of your product when they want to buy something.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Responsive Web Design

Earlier we discussed how mobiles and other devices are becoming the standard for people using the internet. Responsive web design is becoming more important to digital marketing as the days go by. This is where responsive web design comes in. With it, you can make websites compatible with mobile phones and tablets. There are now new codes that can make your website load faster on a mobile device. Work with a Web designer and SEO expert to figure out how best to use responsive design on your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is surprisingly one of the most integrated methods of marketing when coupled with other forms of digital marketing(You can add social media links and discount offers). When used correctly, with the right content it can be used to increase sales and conversion rates.

Social media marketing

Social media is slowly becoming the most popular tool to market your business in today’s day and age. With various campaign strategies and content, you can post content when your users are the most active. Hiring influencers also becomes a part of your marketing strategy once you ease into it. Curating content from other social media pages can help build relations and gain followers while maintaining fresher content.

Marketing Automation

A lot of business has been lost by various brands and small businesses because they ignore marketing automation. Most businesses nowadays swear by it and have become a top priority. The best way to do this is to find a CRM platform with built-in marketing automation. This is great because since your CRM already has all the contact information it helps in integrating your marketing effort all in one place instead of having different sources. Keep in mind to keep the content across platforms the same to avoid brand confusion.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is highly effective when you are promoting your brand because they already have a follower base of engaged audience that you can use to market your product. The best part is that these influencers aren’t always celebrities and can fall well within your marketing budget based on who you choose to work with. There are macro and micro-influencers who offer a wide range of services with different kinds of plans. Influencer marketing coupled with a website with good SEO and a good landing page can convert a tonne of leads.

Video content

Over the course of the few years, there have been various changes in the customer’s psyche. One of the major changes in the lowered attention span has generated an interest in visual imagery. A large number of online marketers now use some form of video content to market products and services. While these also include TVC Ads, youtube and Instagram reels etc are also a big part of this.

In conclusion, this article should have answered your questions as to what digital marketing strategy is and what are some of them that you can use in order to better grow your business digitally. To read more about related topics and other thought leadership articles, visit our digital marketing blog.