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Video Marketing

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the worth of a video!"

We don’t wait for opportunities to knock on doors, we create them.

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Why FirstLaunch?

  • Our Team loves videos, they create only the best ones
  • We use efficient editing tools for a great finish
  • High Customer Satisfaction Rate

Our services

Brand Awareness

We create videos that creates a brand awareness among the viewers and help you gain more customers.


YouTube Video Optimization

We use an A-to-Z checklist while uploading a video on your YouTube channel to ensure that your brand is being discovered.


Event Highlights

Event videos are the ultimate way to extend the life of an event and a perfect way to maximize brand awareness. We can help you position your company in the market and create a platform to explain your vision



We post videos regularly on social media platforms to update your current and new customers about your business.


Product Explainer Video

An explainer video should be simple, on point, engaging and visually interesting. We have got them all.


Establish your brand identity, the way you perceive it!

Over the past few years, the brand owners have agreed that videos make their work easy.  Not many have time to read every single detail on your website, and so there is a probability of losing a customer.

We produce excellent scripts for the purpose of branding and also help you communicate with the world about your products and share your stories. Right from video editing to sharing it with your target customers, we’ve got your back.  Videos don’t become viral because they are funny, but because they create identity!


We know you have spectacular business ideas. But if you are unable to reach the right customers, you might as well drive with your eyes closed!

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