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Email Marketing

"Everyone likes,
a personalised mail in their inbox! "

We Build Relationships; Spamming is not even an Option.

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Why FirstLaunch?

  • Highly efficient tools for a smooth service delivery.
  • Detailed process followed for every campaign
  • Highly optimized email content to achieve high open rates and click-through-rates (CTR).

Our services

Email Content Creation

Our Creative Team creates right content based on the type of email campaigns.


Email List Building

We gather a list of target market through social media, promotional campaigns, additional landing page, lead magnets etc for a maximum reach of the campaign.


Email Newsletter

We create your Company Email Newsletters and send it regularly to your customers to keep them updated about your products and also to retain them.


Email Spam Score Optimization

We optimize the email deliverability and keep the spam score low.


Email marketing performance above industry standards!

Email Marketing is the most effective way of marketing’- it’s not just us, even the statistical facts state the same. Emails are the best way for your customers to inquire, register, make a purchase or even download the lead magnets that you have to offer.

We run the Email campaigns, not before a pilot testing, so that we know the response of the target market. We use efficient tools for a hassle-free campaign, we also inspect your landing page and the mail score. We build and expand your database for successful campaign results.  You deserve a hassle-free communication channel. From sending out sales emails to informing the customers about your products, we will take care of strategizing and executing.

We know you have spectacular business ideas. But if you are unable to reach the right customers, you might as well drive with your eyes closed!

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