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UI/UX Case Study - OPT-IT

Case study - OPT-IT - Front View Laptop & Mobile Mockup


Case study - OPT-IT - Front View Laptop & Mobile Mockup


Opt-It are a vendor-neutral IT infrastructure Consulting & DevOps services company. We help you make sense of the vast array of technology choices out there. It can be confusing to determine which of the plethora of solutions will bring you the highest returns on your investment & which IT solutions are relevant for your business. Confused buyers usually end up patronizing trusted brands. But lesser-known brands can offer you greater value for your money for the same functionality, and thus higher returns. Our team spends a significant amount of time understanding different technologies. We test potential solutions before making any recommendations to our customers.


01. Colours

We are sticking to our original brand colors as they provide a wider range of color selection and also goes consistent with existing platform. The overall color theme has been kept lighter with primary usage of the base color in the entirety of the platform.

  • #7EB346
  • #040404
  • #C0CE5F


Open Sans was designed with an upright stress, open forms and a neutral, yet friendly appearance. It was optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms.


An icon is a small picture or symbol that serves as an intuitive representation of the content of a website. Because of their condensed size and versatility, icons are a simple, effective way to transmit information in an abbreviated pictorial form to the user.

Case study - OPT-IT - Icons


01. Home Page

Case study - OPT-IT - Home page

02. Services Page

Case study - OPT-IT - Services page
03. Careers Page
Case study - OPT-IT - Careers page
04. Mobile Screens
  • Case study - OPT-IT - Mobile Mockup-1
  • Case study - OPT-IT - Mobile Mockup-2
  • Case study - OPT-IT - Mobile Mockup-3
  • Case study - OPT-IT - Mobile Mockup-4
Case study - OPT-IT - Overview