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70% Surge in Patient visits for Leading Healthcare Brand

70% Surge in Patient visits for Leading Healthcare Brand


Brand: A leading multi-speciality hospital in Bangalore that provides global standards of healthcare and surgical excellence

Problem: Unable to scale the patient visits over 100 in a single month through digital marketing

Ask: Achieve 120 patient visits every month while maintaining the cost per lead in the current range

Current Performance


Patient visits has plateaued across three months and cannot scale up the patient count even after increasing the campaign budgets and optimizing the campaigns with following –

  1. Timely refreshing the ad copies and trying out different messaging on the ads
  2. Capping the cost per conversion on the campaigns to increase the flow of the leads.
  3. Restructuring the campaign to improve the keyword relevance, and ad relevance to improve the quality score of the keywords can reduce the cost per lead which in turn can also result in getting a higher lead count.


  1. Experiment with Performance Max which can get us the volume of leads as it’s a cross-network campaign it’s very dynamic and it has an automated smart bidding model to cater to all Google inventories.

Exploring the Upsides and Downsides of the Performance Max Campaign


Cons of Performance Max


Performance post launch of Performance Max Campaign

Optimisations Done on Performance Max Campaign

  1. Started with a Single Generic Campaign with best-performing treatment categories as asset groups. 
  2. As PMAX turns on URL Expansion by default, we turned it off to send users to specific landing pages rather than letting Google decide.
  3. Disabling the Automatically created assets which can start pushing the irrelevant combination of Ads.
  4. Refining the audience signals frequently based on the cumulative revenue, as PMAX can reach new users based on the defined audience signals.
  5. Identifying the irrelevant ad placements and adding them to account-level placement exclusions.
  6. Creating strong brand exclusion lists, as it can start fetching the traffic from Branded search queries, which will overlap the paid traffic and Organic traffic.



After launching the Performance Max campaign, we observed a significant improvement in lead quality, resulting in a steady month-over-month increase in patient visits. This successful strategy enabled us to surpass our target of 150+ patient walk-ins.

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