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Reaching Beyond Limits: A leading healthcare brand claims No. 1 position in the digital world in 80 days.

Reaching Beyond Limits: A leading healthcare brand claims No. 1 position in the digital world in 80 days.

This case study is about the process of claiming the No 1 position in a very competitive Healthcare Industry in less than three months.

Every challenge in Digital Marketing can be seen in 3 phases; the goal and objective phase, the planning and execution phase, and the result phase.

No.1 on Google for a high-traffic keyword

The goal and objective phase

The goal was simple: Website revamping and redesigning. But for an ever-growing and 24×7 active Healthcare Industry, pausing lead campaigns and losing leads for a few days wasn’t an option. Hence, the objective was to keep their SEM campaigns running parallel to working on the website. Besides, some of the URLs were broken. If the website stopped working whilst migration, there would be no conversions. Adding to this, the website was accessible in five different languages and had over 800 pages.

The planning and execution phase

The Launcher way

To start with, we took over the website and made sure that the SEO and SEM campaigns still functioned well. And then we started work on “The Launcher Way”.

We staged the mobile version first and optimized the website. The website was built in the staging environment in three stages – The design, Development, and Testing phase. We started doing the SEO and the URL bits in the staging environment, which is one of the many things that we did differently from other agencies, who would have worked on SEO only once the website went live.

Adding the cherry on top of our cake, we used a language plug-in for the different languages instead of hosting the website with multiple languages. What this resulted in was the website opened in English and then gave you the option of translating it to any available language.

Three months later, the website was ready to launch. But the real question was, would the website hold? We only had one shot at this being a relatively new agency! We split our marketing team, who was in charge of the migration, into three groups – content, links, and Ads.

And the days post the Healthcare Website being live went like:

3 day process after the website being live


We ranked on top in SEO for ‘Cancer hospitals in Bangalore’ from 4th position. The change in the website healthcare content helped us garner a heap of impressions,  that is +16,10,140. The website became faster as the load time went down by 2.79s. The page size decreased by almost 1.1 Mb despite being available in multiple languages. 

Want to know the best part? This whole transition was seamless. Apart from a few content changes, the client did not encounter anything worth worrying about.

You can implement the above steps in your Campaign Strategies, or you can always get in touch with us.

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