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Search Engine Optimization

How We Beat NASA at SEO to Get On The First Page Of Google.

The battle to get on the first page of Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a lifeline for any business that is online. And, for a digital marketing agency, SEO is everything!

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The battle to get on the first page of Google is brutal! It requires time, patience and, most of all, a lot of analysis. The journey doesn’t end there as; once you are on the first page of Google, you need to repeat the whole process to stay on top. It all comes down to whether you got what it takes to be on the top and stay on the top. So, in a nutshell, SEO is a never-ending digital marketing activity but is totally worth it.

Since the First Launch website was fairly new, we had a tough time with our ranking on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Our website had an average site speed of under 1.8 seconds and a page size of about 2.0 MB.

Our tactical

We could not rank for our own digital marketing agency name, “First Launch”, when searched on Google. We were falling short of the US space agency, NASA’s, SERP listing. The results of our SEO efforts were taking time to show, and we wanted to hack our way onto the first page of Google.

We took it up as a challenge to ourselves to have our website shown as the first result on Google’s SERP, over NASA, in 30 days. We broke our approach into two parts.

  • Search Engine Optimization Analysis.
  • Search Engine Optimization Execution.

Search Engine Optimization Analysis

First, we set out to assimilate our position on Google’s SERP by executing an SEO Audit. We found out the rankable keywords and on-page and off-page optimizations that could be done and chalked out an effective SEO strategy to boost our Google ranking.

Since local SEO gives quicker results, we could optimize our strategies dynamically to gain the desired result and build on this base with the normal SEO campaigns.

Then we took to competitor analysis to understand the keywords that our competitors were using and shortlisted the rankable keywords that could be incorporated throughout our website. In parallel to this activity, we also analyzed our website on Google Search Console to find out our favourable keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Execution

Once we formulated our SEO strategy, it was time to get our hands dirty. We divided our On-page SEO efforts into tech-enabled SEO and non-tech-enabled SEO and pushed the two parallelly.

The tech-enabled SEO included activities like reduction in server requests, image compression, JavaScript & CSS minification and render-blocking elimination. The non-tech-enabled SEO activities consisted of keyword optimization, meta tag optimization and content optimization. This helped us catalyze the process and, thereby, make it more efficient. At the end of this, we were happy with our website’s performance and content.

Next, we turned towards Off-Page SEO activities of targeted site submissions, guest post submissions, social bookmarking, directory submissions and search engine submissions.



We continued on the execution front with regular Google searches of the phrase “first launch” to check whether we had achieved what we had set out for.

So, did we get our website on the first page of Google SERP within 30 days?

No, we were able to hack our way to the top of Google’s SERP within 21 days!
High-fives were all around as we rejoiced, looking at the fruits of our efforts.

Now, back to the drawing board we go as we may have won the war, but the SEO battle remains (forever).

You can implement the above steps in your Search Engine Optimization Strategies, or you can always get in touch with us.

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