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How WannaThankYou Doubled Its User Count Within 30 Days.


This case study is about how we achieved a 2X User Count for WannaThankYou by Growth Hacking.
WannaThankYou (WTY) is a social network to promote gratitude, wherein you can share your Thank You message and express your gratitude. WTY also recognizes NGOs that have been making a difference and sharing the Goodness with the world.

WannaThankYou logo
WTY Ambassador

WannaThankYou is a whole new concept, and we had to create a ‘buzz’ for the brand. First Launch, whose true north has always been growth, decided to kickstart with the “WTY Ambassador Campaign”, a word-of-mouth approach that we adopted to market the platform.

It was essential for the brand to attract believers of the concept of WannaThankYou to endorse the product among their network. To make it more fun and exciting, attractive goodies were announced for the users who managed to bring in more users to WannaThankYou platform and got them signed up.

Kickstarting the WTY Ambassador Campaign:

  • Design and Tech
  • Digital Marketing

Our Event Promotion Approach

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
WannaThankYou Result Graph


The WannaThankYou Ambassador Campaign was one of the biggest campaigns by First Launch. One can imagine the level of excitement among the Launchers when we were able to see an increase of users by over 148% and when the page views shot up by about 163% within a month. The challenge is what we seek because we dare to experiment!

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