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5000+ App Installs in the first month of a Global Neobank launch

5000+ App Installs in the first month of a Global Neobank launch


Brand: A global neo-bank providing digital banking and investment platform serving students, professionals, and investors globally

Problem: New to the fintech industry, there is a Lack of awareness among users about the brand and brand services.


SEO Approach

The website, created with Webflow CMS, initially had technical SEO issues, resulting in poor speed and Pingdom scores. We aimed for a PageSpeed Insight score above 65 by optimizing image presentation, minimizing CSS, and adding basic SEO elements. These enhancements improve both speed and SEO performance to meet industry standards and user expectations.

– Research to finalize the keywords with high and low competition to create a good mix to ensure greater visibility.

– Meta Title and Description have been updated based on the finalized keywords.

– Website content audit to bring in the topical authority which helps in better ranking opportunities.

– Website optimized to load faster, focusing on achieving a load time of fewer than 2 seconds.

– Faster load times contribute to improved search engine rankings and enhance the overall user experience.

SEO Results

Organic website rankings improved based on strategic SEO Efforts and improvements in the website optimizations in terms of page loading speed and page size which resulted in the greater visibility for finalized keywords.

Google Ads


  • Despite the buzz generated by news articles and PR after the app launch, many potential users were unaware of the brand’s unique offering.
  • Google Ad campaigns were launched targeting cost-effective, high-ranking keywords to attract users actively seeking similar products.
  • Keywords were refined based on conversion rates to optimize campaign effectiveness.
  • Implementation of a CRM system enabled detailed analysis of campaign performance, tracking user interactions, and refining lead quality efficiently.

Google Ads Industry Benchmarks Vs Actual Performance

Results: A solid 2.69% conversion rate and an impressive $0.16 average CPC with 2867 installs.

Facebook Ads


  • Leveraging Facebook conversion ads, we capitalized on curiosity, directing users directly to our landing page for swift account sign-ups
  • Our diverse ad formats, including static and carousel ads, captured attention and engagement.
  • Initial interest-based targeting segmented audiences into freelancers, students, investors, and more.
  • Transitioning to lookalike audiences for quality conversions further enhanced our campaign performance.

Facebook Ads Industry Benchmarks Vs Actual Performance

Results: A stellar performance with Facebook delivering a significant number of leads at an average CPL of just Rs. 80.

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