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We are crazy about Creativity, Design, Technology, Marketing and everything that’s Innovative and Digital. Our typical day is filled with a lot of What Ifs, Why Nots, and Let's Do Its. We are always on the lookout for a curious and vigilant creative to be a part of our team. If you are considering joining us, be warned of what you are getting into.

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Once you are in Launcher's Family, there's no way you can escape from the benefits that we have to offer. Know what you are signing up for.

Endless Evolution.

You will be a part of continuous learning and experimentation. Surprise us with the best version of yourself, and we’ll surprise you with the best version of our rewards!

Countless Coffee.

Savour coffee sips if that keeps you WOKE and gets your creative juices flowing. But if you’re a tea person, we do have our tea parties too - every day!

Wow-Worthy Weekends

We strictly prefer it if you can just party hard, stay home and relax, have a gaming night, or whatever that lets you unwind during the weekends. You work only 5 days a week.

Casual Clothes.

Smartness is what we prefer, be it in our work or our clothes. Smart casuals is a sign of Genius. Okay, we are kidding. Just be comfortable in our space.

Fun & Frolic.

Our work keeps us happy-high as we have a team of enthusiasts who love what they do. On any regular day, we turn the speakers on with different music genres and, if we crave for Pizzas, even, on a Monday, we end the day on a “Pizza-Note”.

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We are glad you chose to work with us. Choose the role that best suits you, and send us your resume.

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