Why is First Launch the Perfect Website Development Agency for You?

by First Launch on Friday Aug 26

A website represents your business or idea or product or maybe your dream. It is the first touch base for your brand with the users. A website provides visibility to any business. With the proper use of keywords that define your brand, your business can reach thousands of people from different parts of the world, which is otherwise not possible through non-digital methods. Hence you would want your website to be content-driven, visually appealing, contextual and attract the right audience to convert them into prospective customers.

Once you onboard First Launch as your website development agency, you get to leverage our expertise to not just develop & deploy a marketing-ready website but also the support of a full-fledged website development agency to keep your website updated and performing at its peak.

As your chosen website development agency, we offer the following solutions –

  1. Theme-based Website Development
  2. Custom UI/UX Designs
  3. Custom Website Development
  4. Periodic Website Maintenance
  5. Website Integrations & Configurations

What Makes First Launch the Perfect Website Development Agency?

  1. Proven Expertise
    We at First Launch enable you to achieve your vision through our process and execution by delivering an efficiently developed website and reaching the masses. We understand the need to strengthen your brand’s digital presence with the perfect website; hence, we provide you with the best website to meet all your business requirements. We have developed and delivered 200+ websites across healthcare, IT, design agencies, non-profit organisations, retail companies, etc.
  2. Marketing-friendly Websites
    We use our marketing expertise while developing websites and make it-

    1. SEO Friendly – Our website development is laced with SEO inputs provided by our SEO  experts for a better ranking and is highly SEO-friendly.
    2. Analytics Integration – We also integrate Google Analytics (GA4) post-go-live of the website so that the live traffic on the website can be tracked. Google Analytics provides
    3. Conversion-optimized – We bring in our 5+ years of digital marketing expertise and understand the importance of the website. We take care of all aspects and features of the website for it to be conversion-optimized
  3. Mobile-first Development Approach
    We develop the websites for the smallest screens first hence keeping our website development approach mobile first and then scaling up for more giant screens. This enables us to build a user experience with mobile as its starting point. We develop websites responsive to various screen sizes keeping the mobile experience as its core.
  4. High-Performance Website
    While deploying the website, we ensure that the website is optimised and high-performing. We take care of page speed and size, server requests, image dimensions, types, etc.
  5. Unmatched TATs
    We understand the need for the website or upgrade a website for a brand. Hence, the website development and deployment are done within a competitive time period keeping in mind the end goal of the website.
  6. Brand-first Approach
    We work for the brand and not the clients. While working for a brand as their chosen website development agency, we consider ourselves an extended team and provide our expertise to the fullest. We understand every aspect of the brand and gain as much knowledge to provide our development solutions from the user perspective, which benefits the brand.
  7. QA
    Quality Assurance is another aspect of our process that we follow to deliver a flawless website. The websites are developed in a staging environment. We test the website in the staging environment and fix the issues before deployment. Post-deployment, too, we conduct another round of QA to ensure the proper working of the websites. Quality has always been our top priority, and we do not compromise the same.
  8. Post-deployment Support
    Our website development service is accompanied by post-deployment support for a fixed period, wherein we ensure the proper working of the website, fixing any issue that might be observed, etc. We provide a proper knowledge transfer post the support period and a detailed dashboard walk-through.
  9. Annual Website Maintenance
    A website needs to be maintained regularly to ensure it functions in optimum conditions. This is where our website maintenance service plays an important role. Our website maintenance service is designed to keep your website updated, check for any downtimes, and take precautions. We take care of any content changes or updates to be deployed on the website.
  10. Custom Design & Development
    If you want to build a website that shows the brand and its offerings in the most unique way possible, we have you covered. Our custom website design and development service helps you build a website that is uniquely yours.

Whether it be a basic theme-based WordPress website or an eCommerce website, we follow the best-in-industry approach to develop the websites. Good design is half the battle won, but tactical website development is the other half. Our efforts towards developing a website to the design you see are met with creativity and logic by our passionate developers. We ensure that the websites we develop meet the SEO standards and take care of that as the foremost priority right from developing the website.

Our expertise in the technologies we use, like WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap, helps us to develop a marketing-ready and search-engine-friendly website. We ensure the websites are user-friendly, responsive, and optimised. The websites are SEO-ready, backed by our marketing expertise, and require a few changes as we go live. We build websites in WordPress, which are easy to handle for any marketing team to take to the next step of digital presence.

Build your brand with us by reaching out to us at hello@firstlaunch.in for your website development. We ensure to add value to your brand and take it to the next level.