Top 5 Types of Emails You Should Send for Effective Email Marketing Campaign.

by firstlaunch_admin on Monday Jul 09

Is Email Marketing alive? In 2022, when we live in a world of Social Media, Who even checks their emails anymore?

If you agree to it totally, then you are in for a shocking read.

Before I go ahead and fill you up with details on why email campaigns are effective ones, let me first create a clear picture of the meaning of email marketing.

Effective email marketing is not one which spams millions and millions of potential or current customers’ inboxes.

Targeting the right customers and reaching out to them at the right time is how successful marketing is done right.

Why Email Campaigns?

Now, to the most important question, why are email campaigns important for a business? Isn’t Social Media the best way to interact with customers and get immediate feedback?

Whether you are a B2B or a B2C marketer, email campaigns are the most powerful form of marketing if you know to take full advantage of it.

The majority of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes.

Emails help you build a relationship with your past, current and prospective customers and give you a chance to speak to them directly at a time convenient to them.

In fact, when compared to other forms of marketing, it’s from email campaigns that you can generate feedback faster.

Emails make one feel important and special against social media, which gives them a ‘one among the mass’ feeling.

It is easier to customize emails, tag the recipients, create a sequence and be more personalized and reach the right audience.

Top 5 Types of Email Marketing

There are numerous types that form the part of Email campaigns that various marketing companies come up with.

The top 5 email marketing campaigns are given below- 

1) The Welcome Emails. 

Here’s one of my favorite Welcome emails by Hotjar

Hotjar Welcome Email

Why this mail grabbed my attention? It doesn’t have images or all the attractive ‘marketing’ terms. Yet, I consider this to be a good form of marketing. Why?

  •  To begin with, it feels more personalized. I know I am a valued customer.
  • The mail is simple and gives me enough space to explore the services. I am not swamped with offers and other services pushing me to try them all out immediately.
  • It doesn’t have too many images, gives a professional look and makes it clear that they are serious about what they do.

Welcome emails provide the most effective way to keep your customers engaged.

It is important for welcome emails to be more of Pull emails rather than Push emails and also to carry a friendly and personalized tone.

2) Transactional Emails

How does a good Transactional mail look like? Take a look at a mail from ikigaiHub

Transactional Email - Ikigaihub

Usually, your customers look forward to receiving these emails as it closes the loop of the process that they started with you.

These emails focus more on providing all the details rather than promoting a business.

These emails are important to build a healthy relationship with customers. The challenge doesn’t lie in gaining customers, but in maintaining them.

3) Promotional Emails

Now, these emails are the ones that focus on the conversion of recipients into customers. This is a Promotional campaign by Grammarly I happen to come across-

Promotional Emails - Grammarly

You have now got one successful subscriber. But does it mean you are now entitled to send as many emails as you wish to your subscriber?

The answer is No. Fix a proper schedule to send out the emails.

Give an option to the subscribers where they can opt out of your emails. This might reduce the reach, the value of the emails will be retained.

The email also saves my time of having to visit the website in order to Upgrade my option. This brings in more chances for a subscriber to be converted into a customer.

Here’s another one from MailChimp

Promotional Emails - Mailchimp

This email promotes the latest or new feature added to the product.

These emails will serve its purpose for the recipients who are already the customers.

4) Drip Emails/Follow-ups

Most of the time, not everyone who signs up or accepts a free trial gets converted into your customers. They need more push, they need more details.

Drip Email campaign plays a prominent role in Email Marketing. Check out a Drip Email campaign by semrush

Follow up Emails - SEMRush

After all the efforts that you put on marketing, your customer is all excited about your product, signs up, what next? A Blank Wall!

Timing is very important for a Drip Email Campaign. Neither can it be sent too soon smothering the subscribers with your plans or offers, nor too late losing your potential customer to your competitors.

These emails need to be more personalized.

5)Tips/Inspirational Emails

This is one of the examples of an Influential email by WordStream

Inspirational Emails - WordStream

Email Marketing is not just about creating content that carries a selling point. Emails that can engage the recipients by providing inspirational content and providing tips create comfort in your products among your prospective customers.

Email Marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing compared to other forms of marketing.

Apart from the types of emails, other factors such as a good subject line, targetting the right group of audience, timing, tone and various factors also influence the success of an email marketing campaign.

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