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Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses (With Testimonials)

by Vedh Jagadish on Monday Aug 28

Social Media Marketing is a boon to many small businesses. Find out how small-scale businesses have leveraged social media for growth.

Social Media platforms today have their reach spread across the globe like wildfire. 2.46 billion users across nations use social media to connect with people. Besides networking, did you know that social media could be used for businesses too? In fact, small-scale businesses use social media to reach out to new customers and widen their reach.

According to a survey conducted by Michael Stelzner, 90% of people agree with the statement that-
“Social Media is important for a business.”

Benefits of Social Media for Small Scale Businesses

Most marketers feel that social media helps their business stand out and generate more qualified leads. Small-scale business owners benefit the most from social media, the reasons being:

Social media marketing is cheap

Marketing on social media is extremely cheap and affordable than that of traditional media.

Provides instant results.

In Social Media Marketing, the results are quick and measurable, whereas, in traditional media, it is not. For example: If you spend 10K on flyers and distribute it manually, you are not sure how many people are actually going to read them. Whereas, if you invest 10K on a social media campaign, you can track the number of people to whom the message has reached and how many people have actually read it.

Helps define the relevant target audience.

Social Media Marketing also gives you the freedom to choose from the set of audiences that best suit your business. You can select an audience based on interest, demographics, job titles etc. This way, you can be assured that your business is being promoted to the right people.

Facilitates greater reach and frequency.

Since it’s already been established that almost everyone uses social media platforms, it is safe to say that customer reach is vast. Also, the number of times one individual will see your advertisement is high. Sitting in India, you can market your business to people in Australia or the States with the help of networking platforms.

These being generic, there are other very particular reasons why social media benefits small businesses. 

  • The majority of owners said they use social media to expand their exposure and establish a market presence.
  • Many of them feel that social media has helped them generate traffic to their website.
  • What is surprising is that very few people use social media for sales.

social media marketing growth for small business

Small Business Owners’ Testimonials

Here are a few Small Business Owners sharing their experience with social media marketing

1. Ruchita Jain, Cafe 70Beans in Navi Mumbai

In current times, social media is the most effective medium to connect with your target customers. They usually use Instagram to promote their work and have gained positive results from the same.

2. Shree Ganesh Kalavrinda, Small Scale Ganesha Idol Seller

It is easier for them to post pictures of the idol and get more people to see it as many people use Facebook. Our customers can just view the idol on the page and book it directly over the phone instead of actually coming down to their store. Convenient, Easy, Affordable.

Social Media Marketing has helped small business owners spread their presence in the market, and clearly, they are finding great value.

Looking for social media marketing solutions to grow your small business? Reach us at and take the first step to growing your business.