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Dhruv Jadav in
April 4, 2018


Gone are the days where a Digital Marketer has to solely rely upon designers and where designers have to rely upon their Creative Tools to create mockups for the various apps and products.

Today we have a digital marketing tool which helps you create mockups and creatives at the easiest and on the go. On this edition of Digital Marketing Tool of The week, we feature Smart Mockups.

We asked Team Smart Mockup a few questions about their digital marketing tool and here’s what they have to say:

1. What was the inspiration behind developing this digital marketing tool?

“When building the websites for our clients, we often needed to create some mockups for presenting our work. We were not satisfied with existing web-based solutions and since not everyone use the Photoshop, we decided to build a platform of our own” says team Smart Mockups.

2. What is the USP of Smart Mockup App?

  • We are the easiest way to create stunning marketing images without photoshop.

3. Who are the Target Audience for Smart Mockup App?

    • Graphic designers, who wants to save time.
    • Marketing guys, who doesn’t want to bother their designers.
    • Basically all who wants to prepare images they need themselves, now with our app they can

4. What do your users say about your digital marketing tool?

“Feedback from our users is kind and positive” says team Smart Mockup.

5. Who do you consider as the competitors for Smart Mockup App?

Smart Mockup considers ‘’ as their direct competitor. “But we believe we offer a much better value” says Smart Mockup team.

6. Where do you see Smart Mockup App, 5 years from now?

Team of Smart Mockup is seeing the app as the biggest platform for creating the mockups without any use of other graphic program after 5 years down the line.

Pricing Structure :

“We have a free website and app for the one time fee. But we are planning to move to a subscription model with the monthly fee. The main reason for this is the feedback from our users as some of them prefer small one time fee than larger upfront investment” says team Smart Mockup.

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