Importance of High Search and Low Competition Keywords in Blogging

by Shubham Soni on Tuesday Mar 20

While starting a blog all by you, the only thing you go after is the best keywords for every search. But the foremost problem that comes in front of every new blogger is the keyword ranking. While you’re making the list of some relevant search terms, remember, your online competitors are doing the same thing, and they have not just ranked only on the first page of a search engine, but they are on top.

At this point, you sometimes might think about whether you could run over your competitors or not? Well, you obviously can, but all you need to do is to be careful with choosing your keywords. You have to make sure you choose low competition keywords for your future customers.

Many of you might be wondering on what is this term ‘keyword’ and why am I emphasizing on it so much, firstly, you should know what are keywords and why it is crucial in a blog?

Keywords are phrases and words that are typed by internet users in a search box of any search engine, for instance, Google, Bing, etc to find websites that match their requirements. Some keywords get tons of different searches while others get a few. There are some high trafficked keywords which are very competitive online as many competitors are chasing after getting referrals and traffic from internet users when they search for those keywords. Choosing a keyword for your blog is the most important thing you have to invest your time and thoughts in keyword researching. Once you have done researching keywords for your blog/website, you can create a plan on how to put those keywords into work for your website/blog. You will find plenty of tools that are available online which helps you to think about ways to put on the focused keywords to gain a qualified amount of traffic to your website’s pages.

Calculate keyword difficulty

There are many online tools where you can calculate the competitiveness for any keyword. The keyword difficulty from 1-100% shows you an approximate of how difficult it would be for you to snatch the position of your competitor in the Google’s top 20 with a specific keyword. But, keep in mind, the higher the percentage, the more work you’ll need to do to attain a higher rank than your competitors for focused keywords.

  • If the keyword difficulty is above 80%, it is categorized under difficult keywords. In which you’ll have to spend a lot of money and effort on link building and SEO, as well as time before you, will be qualified to enter the google top 20. But if you have a new site, try not to target on high competitive keywords.
  • If the keyword difficulty ranges from 60-80%, it comes under the category of average difficulty. To enter in the Google top 20 with these keyword difficulties won’t be easy either. Although, with high-quality content and proper backlinks, you’ll succeed in outranking your competitor’s rank.
  • If the keyword difficulty is below 60%, it considered as the easiest to rank for, though hard to find. Finding low competition and high volume keywords will need patience and hard work. After gathering a good amount of the search terms execute them all over your website or blog, it will generate the chances of ranking high for the high volume search words.

Keyword search volume

Keyword search volume involves the number of searches for specific keywords in a given period. Keyword search volume is usually estimated over a set period to provide a general idea with the marketers about the search term’s competitiveness and total volume. This statistic is contextualized within a specific time to enable SEOs and marketers to see how the keywords operate traffic over times. Now the question is, why does a keyword search volume matters? Search volume is necessary because it helps in attracting new visitors and traffic to your site. It is significant to focus on your keywords in your content that contains real search volume otherwise no one will find your content if they are not even searching for the targeted keywords. Though, if you’re aiming keywords with extremely high search volume, it will become difficult for you to rank your content and compete with large-scale websites.

Ahrefs: Ahrefs is one of the most influential social media and SEO tool with vast features. It is also called as backlink checker by most of the SEOs. Ahrefs competes with majestic and analytical tools with indices like SEMrush and Moz.

Google keyword planner: it is an effective tool to get a general idea of your ideal market and keywords. The only con is that your rivals might be using the same tool as you, which could end up in getting same results as they do.

SEMrush: can be called as the best SEO keyword tool in today’s market. It has various features which allow you to make an in-depth examination of your website.

Just remember each tool has different benefits and downfalls. Each of them is different in its own. take your time to find the best tool for yourself which according to you will work best.

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