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How Our Favourite Brands Could Be Celebrating Independence Day

by First Launch on Wednesday Aug 14

Each discussion that we have at First Launch brings a plethora of new ideas to the table but one of our more recent sessions stands out in particular. With the dawn of the 73rd year of independent India at our doorstep,  our team started deliberating the type of marketing strategies adopted by the companies of today to mark this historic moment – and pretty soon the conversation shifted to present age marketing campaigns. What strategies would the companies of today have come up with at the hour of independence had the technology existed back in 1947?  What ideas would these brands have promoted to celebrate the liberty of the Indian state had the modern market existed back in the day? That is the question that we are trying to answer today, but do take this with a pinch of salt and a smile on your face.  

The creative team gathered around with freshly brewed coffee to get their creative juices flowing. We shortlisted a few brands to showcase the possible topicals based upon their current public profile.

Disclaimer: The ideas shared here are only the result of our creative discussion and are purely meant for recreational purposes. We have no intention to mislead any brand’s philosophies and beliefs. We have tried to be as close to each brand’s style of topicals as possible (if they have actively shared topicals in the past) without diluting their brand recognition.

We’d warn you to read further only if you have a taste for humour, wittiness and craziness!


Nike campaigns tell a different story each time and take the audience on a different journey. Their tagline “Just Do It” doesn’t just sell their products but sell the emotional benefits of the products. 

Here’s what we thought Nike would have said post announcement of Independent India:

First Launch - Nike
Just Done It


We love how Swiggy’s content is filled with humour, subtle wit and high customer interaction. 

This is what we thought for Swiggy:

First Launch - Swiggy
Now Delivering Food from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

3.Tata Salt

The brand, that is known to every household in India, could never miss the opportunity to broadcast its indigenous product for the people of Free India.  

Wouldn’t it be a delight to see Tata Salt celebrate Independence with us like this?

First Launch - Tata Salt
Azad Desh ka Namak 

4.Swaraj Tractors

Another indigenous brand with great market recognition among the rural Indians, which constituted the majority of the Indian population during independence.

It would be amazing to see Swaraj Tractors showing off their pride after Independence echoing their brand itself.

First Launch - Swaraj Tractors
 Swaraj Hee Hamara Adhikar!


As usual, Fevicol would find a different perspective from the obvious ones to stand out even on this special occasion. India, having been distributed among the Princely States, after the British rule, have finally come together to form an Independent India. 

And they would just go by their most popular slogan, only to nail it this time again:

First Launch - Fevicol
Fevicol ka mazboot jod hai tootega nahi!


As they say, insurance not only outlives you but also your loved ones.

And the below copy would have made so much sense then, hadn’t it?

First Launch - LIC
Azaadi k sath bhi Azaadi k baad bhi


We know how we have found Mc Donald’s to be a happy place during our childhood days with their Happy Meals. How beautifully Mc Donald’s would have captured this celebratory moment for Indians then: 

First Launch - McDonald's
Every Indian now- We’re lovin’ it!

8.Rajnigandha Paan masala

Rajnigandha has been a pioneer in Paan Masala and has been able to promote itself very smartly among the ambitious individuals. It will be a shame to see Rajnigandha not celebrating the Indian Independence the Rajnigandha Style.

Rajnigandha tagline
Azad Hindustan Ki Pasand!

9. Bajaj Fans: 

Bajaj Group has been one among many such national brands who have added a great deal of economic stimulus to the country’s development. 

We can imagine how Bajaj would have won the hearts of Independent India through Bajaj Fans.

First Launch - Bajaj Fans
Breathe the air of independence

Can you think of other modern brands that would have been extraordinarily creative in congratulating the Indians in their most popular styles? Let us know in the comments below!