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Digital Marketing Agency vs Freelancers : What’s best for my Brand?

by First Launch on Monday Jan 02

Should I work with a digital marketing agency? Or a freelancer? … how do I choose?!

If you are looking to amplify your business or have ventured into a new one, you already know the importance of the right marketing in this era. Marketing can magnify your brand’s voice and effectively help you reach your target audience. Marketing is one powerful tool that can maximise the reach of your products and services, and one does not want to compromise on the same.

While we want the best strategy for our company, we are often confused about whether to choose a digital marketing agency or a freelancer to get the job done. In case you are worried about the same, this article is for you. The confusion is very normal. However, the answer lies in the needs of your company. Let us dive in!

Who is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is someone who takes up a project individually and, thus, gets the deliverables executed with their own resources. They are solely responsible for handling your marketing requirements.
Freelancers are responsible for getting their own clients. Therefore, they usually come with good experience in their own field. There are freelancers for almost any work requirement, such as designing, content writing, strategy making, and even digital marketing.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency consists of a full-fledged team of marketers that come with diverse skills carefully chosen by the leaders of the agency. It is an agency that specialises in all forms of digital marketing. They are dedicated to the vision of providing marketing assistance to clients.

Now, to answer the question, if you are really looking for a strong marketing strategy, then a digital marketing agency must be your choice. An agency has several advantages you may not find in a freelancer. Let us explore.

Advantages of Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency over Freelancers

  1. A Full Fledged Team
  2. Funding
  3. High Pool of Resources
  4. Protected Confidentiality & Consistency
  5. Quality Work
Benefits of Digital Marketing Agency over Freelancers for your brand
A Full-Fledged Team

A Marketing Agency comes with a team equipped with varied marketing skills. While a Freelance may only be able to specialise in a few methods, an agency has enough human resources to bridge the need for all kinds of marketing.


Marketing Tools, Software and developers don’t come at a low price. Some digital marketing tools can be highly expensive, and only a well funded marketer, like an integrated marketing agency, can afford these expenses. Freelancers usually do not have access to such tools and may depend on your company’s resources to get the deliverables done.

High Pool of Resources

A digital marketing agency has guaranteed access to a pool of resources needed to establish your business through marketing. A freelancer may not have vast resources. Hence one must choose carefully according to one’s needs.

Protected Confidentiality & Consistency

A freelancer usually takes up tasks only on availability. You might have to look for other freelancers for other projects, meaning there will be the distribution of your data to multiple freelancers. This can be easily solved by an integrated marketing solutions agency that you can approach for multiple projects, and all your company’s data will be highly protected and will be used solely for your company’s marketing purposes, protecting your data.

Quality Work

A marketing agency can guarantee quality work as they hire specialists in varied marketing fields and work with a number of clients every day to provide their marketing services. Now, A freelancer can also provide it, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Choose what’s best for your Brand.

There is nothing wrong with choosing freelancers if they meet the requirements of your tasks. There are some advantages of being a freelancer as well. Choosing a freelancer could be cost-efficient, so if you prefer low-budget marketing assistance, then freelancers are great options too.

In case you choose to work with a Marketing Agency, here are some things to keep in mind before hiring an Agency

It ultimately depends on what you prioritise for your company. If spending a budget is no problem and you are looking out for the best digital marketing services for your company, then you can surely opt for a digital marketing agency like First Launch, which guarantees good quantifiable results for your investments.

Analyse & Choose the best Digital Marketing Agency or Freelancer for your brand needs!
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