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Breaking Down The Types of Logos | Which One is Perfect for You?

by Waqar Ahmed on Tuesday Jan 16
Types of logos

Logos: More Than Just Scribbles and Splashes

You might think that logo design is a walk in the park. Scribble something in your notebook and bam! You get a million-dollar logo. But, oh no! It’s like saying “I have a microwave, so I’m a chef!” Logo creation is like baking a cake, and without the right ingredients (or steps), your cake (logo) is likely to taste like a cardboard sandwich. This is where the expertise of a top-notch Logo Design Company in Bangalore, comes into play, ensuring that your logo not only looks appealing but also effectively communicates your brand identity through various types of logos, all while staying on top of the latest Logo design trends for 2024.

Creating a logo requires choosing its type first. Taking each one into account, let’s take a closer look at the types of logos.

Types of Logos

Traditionally, the logo is divided into three groups:
1) Text
2) Graphic
3) Text + Graphic (combined)

Interestingly enough, an American journalist and editor of 99designs, classified logos into seven distinct categories.

1) Monogram (or letter mark) logos:

These are logos made up of letters — usually brand initials. Think of IBM, CNN, or HBO. Monogram logos are all about simplicity.
Let’s say your brand’s name is quite long or hard to pronounce; a monogram could be a solution to preventing a tongue-twister and creating a memorable visual identity.

Types of logos

2) Pictorial marks (or logo symbols):

Silent but deadly, these boys use symbols or icons. It’s kind of like, your pet parrot squawking, “Fashion!” when it sees the Nike Swoosh.
These logos include an image or icon with a lot of significance to the brand – like Apple’s apple or Twitter’s bird. The picture should tell a story and demonstrate what the brand stands for.

Types of logos in 2024

3) Combined logos:

A combined logo, also known as a combination mark, is a type of logo that combines two or more elements, typically a lettermark(text) and a pictorial element (symbol or icon), to create a single, unified mark. This approach is widely used by brands to leverage the strengths of both text and imagery, resulting in a logo that is both memorable and meaningful. Some examples would be Burger King or Lacoste.

Types of logo

4) Abstraction:

We’re talking about a specific type of picture—but one that’s a lot different than a pictorial logo mark. Instead of being a recognizable image like an apple or bird, it’s an abstract geometric form that represents your business. Pepsi’s swirl and Adidas’s stripes are great examples.

Logos and their types

5) Mascots:

These logos often feature a cheerful and fun mascot that represents the company. It personifies the brand and makes it more relatable to consumers. They incorporate cute, anthropomorphic designs that radiate charm and positivity, like the famous colonel of KFC. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a jolly, elderly gentleman selling you fried chicken?

7 types of logos

6) Wordmark logos:

Wordmark logos, also known as logotypes, focus on typography to create brand recognition. They typically feature the brand’s name, stylized in a distinctive font, often with unique letterforms or customized characters. Examples of successful wordmark logos include Google, Coca-Cola, and Visa.

types of logos 2024

7) Emblem logos:

Last but not least, we have the emblem logo. Emblem logos typically feature text enclosed within a symbol or badge, often associated with a sense of tradition, luxury, or professionalism. “Hello! We’re Starbucks and here’s our mermaid!”

Types of logo for 2024

Logos are more complex than you thought, right? But that’s how we artists work—making incredible out of the ordinary.

Now, go on! Grab that pen, churn those creative juices, put on your imaginary chef’s hat, and start cooking up your unique logo, Picasso style!

Remember, your logo is the first handshake your customer gets from your brand. Make it firm and impressive!

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