Celebrate Yoga Day with your Favorite Brands

by Jeevitha Ganesh on Thursday Jun 21

Brand Maintenance is pretty much a survival factor for any business, and most of the businesses take the aid of social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram among the others to re-establish their brands and also to market their business image with every opportunity that they can think of grabbing.  With every occasion, most of the businesses come up with innovative contents and post them on the social media platforms. This is a subtle and yet an effective form of marketing.

Have a look at how some of our favorite brands celebrated International Yoga Day on Facebook.

1) Cure.Fit

Any fitness center would rejoice a day like Yoga Day, for it gives them a perfect opportunity to convince the followers to join them as a part of their resolution. Cure.fit came with a campaign on Facebook, inviting people to join them for 1,00,000 Suryanamaskaras and thereby cheering their current customers and also, inviting the new ones. 

2) Biotique

Even Cosmetics companies like Biotique found a way to promote their products on Yoga Day with a Facebook post with a message that, even outer peace is required as much as inner peace. 

3) Flipkart

Flipkart, the online retail platform, invited its Facebook followers to check out their store for all the buying needs on the occasion of Yoga Day. 

4) Motorola

Motorola went a step ahead and decided to celebrate World Music Day, International Yoga Day and World Selfie Day, all in a single post. The post even engages the users by asking them to share yoga selfies for a musical surprise. 

5) Max Fashion

Max Fashion went ahead with its tagline “Look Good, Feel Good”, urging their Facebook followers to update their wardrobe. 

6) Indian Oil

Indian Oil came up with a Wishing post and a quote from the Prime Minister.                                                                       

7) Reliance Group

Reliance group also came up with a wishing post encouraging the followers to practice Yoga.                                          

8) Red FM

Red FM 93.5 came up with a quirky yoga post, which definitely never failed to put a smile on the Facebook followers’ face. 

9) Jos Alukkas

Jos Alukkas wished the followers in a very effective way with an apt choice of words. 

10) Faasos

You wouldn’t think that a food chain would actually dare to post something on Yoga Day, would You? Kudos to Faasos for the innovative way of wishing the followers.

So, what do you think? Did you find any such posts by your favorite brands? Feel free to drop a comment below. 🙂