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A Symbol for Growth – We’ve Rebranded!

by firstlaunch_admin on Wednesday Sep 26

With a vigorous team, which has a powerful combination of dream, desire, and dedication,  First Launch recently celebrated its First Year Anniversary. The journey has been insanely incredible from the beginning, with challenges, discoveries, experiments, lessons, strategies, and success stories, regardless of the hurdles on the path.

Every day we have stepped up, moved forward, and challenged ourselves; in short, there has not been a single moment when there was no progress among us. Looking back at our journey, we are extremely proud of our growth and progress. Thence, we decided to relaunch our logo to symbolize intensely what we strongly believe in Growth.

The earlier logo represented First Launch pictorially but was not able to communicate the company’s cornerstone effectively. We started on a mission to design a new and powerful logo for First Launch, which can patently communicate our creed.

Backed by our parent company, Think201, First Launch has been able to provide comprehensive digital marketing solutions for its clients and is always striving to find new ways to branch out in the industry in all aspects. Every day is an opportunity to learn and grow, so we wanted our logo’s concept to be “A Symbol of Growth”. With a team that’s so vigorous and known for erudition and a passion for the brand, constant growth does not seem like a pie in the sky!

Ideas were shot from everyone in the team from different perceptions, design concepts were explored, and with plenty of cuts and tries, our new logo design unfolded- which embodies our values, beliefs, and vision!    

And here we are, launching our new logo, which clearly defines our brand. A full-service Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, backed by Technology, Design, and Creativity, rising to the heights on the mission to launch the next BIG BRAND.