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User behavior is playing an important role in buyer decision or their action on social media nowadays. And it has become very crucial for marketers to know about the user behavior to prepare the action plan for their campaign. For example, for a clothing brand, Instagram would be a suitable platform to promote their campaign, by collaborating with influencers. For this, you would need to know the insights of the various influencers to pick the best ones to collaborate.

That is where Snoopreport comes into the picture. It provides you with data about the activities of a user on Instagram. Snoopreport was created to help to investigate competitors, create an Instagram growth strategy or better understand which posts the audience was enjoying. Snoopreport also provides the user activity on Instagram as likes, comments and follows.


  • Get insights on users habits, needs and preferences.
  • Track competitor’s growth strategy.
  • Offline Monitoring.
  • Never asks for your account credentials.

How to get started with Snoopreport?

  1. Sign up

    The first and foremost thing that you’ll have to do it, sign up with the tool. Click on the big green button which says SIGN UP, type in your id and password and you are done!
  2. Add AccountsOnce you’ve signed in successfully, all you have to do is add the accounts you want to track. Click on the ‘+’ sign on top right corner and select from the list that drops down. Once you do that, the account will be added in your dashboard and it is ready to scoop!

Pricing Structure :


What are the cons of it?

  • It is not free. You will have pay a basic fee of $0.69 for a week in order to start using it.
  • Does not let you tack private accounts.

Snoopreport also lets selected professional researchers and analysts to use the tool for free if they agree to share use cases on their blog.

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