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Post Planner

To find the best content and post it at the right time on social media takes a lot of time in a Social Media Marketers day. If this time is being reduced then they can use this time for more productive tasks.

To solve this problem and give you a bit more time through your day, there is a tool that helps social media marketers from discovering the best content and posting them. One tool that rules them all. Post Planner – a digital marketing tool that gives you scientifically proven content to improve your social media engagement and sales.


  • Content Recommendation Engine
  • Predict your performance through 5-star rating system
  • Organize your favourite social feeds into your collections


  • Good Scheduling Features
  • Easy to Set up
  • Helps in recycling and rescheduling old posts and provides tutorials.


  • Poor Customer Support
  • App limited to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. No access to Twitter.
  • No Analytics Features

Pricing Structure:

Post Planner’s basic starter plan starts from $3 per month and the premium plant or the highest plan is of $200 per month.

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