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Instagram has taken over our lives for the most part and businesses are cashing in as you #CashOut!

As a digital marketer, dealing with creative content can be brutal, if you do not have a certain level of design expertise. Deciding on the type of image to go up on the social media pages can be pretty frustrating at times as you do not know the outcome.

So what do you do when you can’t decide on the picture that looks the best to post on Instagram? You ask your best friend!

So meet your new best friend who helps you choose the perfect picture to share on Instagram along with the trending hashtags to amp up your Instagram game!

With users spread over more than 140 countries, Ask Lisa is your new best algorithm friend.

We asked Team Ask Lisa a few questions about their digital marketing tool and here’s what they have to say:

  • What was the inspiration behind developing this digital marketing tool?

“We derived this idea from our potential users by interviews” says Team Ask Lisa.

  • What is the USP of Ask Lisa?

Lisa predicts the most engaging visual content for Instagram by using machine learning algorithms behind. Then generates hashtags tailored to the photo in order to increase engagement a little bit more.

  • Who are the Target Audience for Ask Lisa?

“Actually all people who pay attention his/her visibility on Instagram may use Lisa, but our most responsive users are mostly influencers and people who want to be an influencer on Instagram” says Team Ask Lisa.

  • What do your users say about your digital marketing tool?

“Of course, now and then somebody is not satisfied, but this kind of reviews are the main motivation for us to improve our product day after day” admits Team Ask Lisa.

The have got some cool statistics too to showcase.

  • Who do you consider as the competitors for Ask Lisa?

“It may be weird to hear that there is no other company which provide this kind of service in the manner of this tech” claims team Ask Lisa confidently.

  • Where do you see Ask Lisa, 5 years from now?

Team Ask Lisa is seeing the tool Lisa will be decision maker for all kind of visual contents on social media 5 years down the line.


Pricing Structure :

Lisa is free, but only for a short time. “We’re trying to understand our users’ need completely. Then we’ll develop a pricing structure in order to meet our customers’ needs” says team Ask Lisa.


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