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Click Meter

To create, optimize and analyze a link, takes up a big chunk of marketer’s time and efforts and it requires more than one tool to do so.

Since the digital marketer’s day majorly consists of gathering and analyzing data, ClickMeter is here to reduce the time taken for data collection and analysis through various links with its one-stop tool which provides an in-depth click tracking statistics. With ClickMeter, companies can monitor, compare and optimize all their marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rates.


  • Get analytics of hundreds of metrix.
  • Track your visitors wherever they are.
  • Analyse the data on Click Meter.
  • Integrate Google Ads, Analytics, UTM and many other tools.
  • Collaborate with your team and make the reporting easy.

Pros and Cons of the Tool


  • All the features of Google Ads and Google Analytics is packed in one tool.
  • You can integrate Google Ads, Google Analytics, UTM builder and many other tools in Click Meter.  


  • All the features provided by Click Meter is provided by Google for free.
  • One has to pay before using the tool. The tool is not providing any trial or demo.

Pricing Structure:

ClickMeter’s pricing is based on the number of links created and the number of clicks tracked on a monthly basis. Plans start at $29/month for medium users but can scale up to track millions and millions of clicks every month for enterprises.

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