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With Email Campaigns being one of the most effective forms of marketing, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a tool which is unbelievably cheaper all the while providing a seamless Marketing experience. EmailOctopus sends your emails through Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES)  and provides unlimited emails on every plan, high deliverability, customised reports and the ability to drip email sequences, import contacts and integrate with forms.

Email Octopus is an extremely affordable, simple-to-use email marketing platform. Not only can you save up to 90% on your email marketing, but you can also be ensured that this never comes at the expense of your email campaign deliverability. Email Octopus is working on a new feature and is very close to releasing their new Drag and Drop Editor for a seamless email campaign experience.


  • Integrate with over 500 different products and services
  • Simple yet powerful automation to create time-based on-boarding and drip sequences
  • Unlimited number of templates to design newsletter or plain text emails
  • Real-time analytics on campaigns

Pros and Cons of the Tool


  • Easy Set up and easy to use
  • Best Email Support
  • Affordable price when compared to competitors


  • Doesn’t segment email lists
  • Can’t duplicate a campaign once it is sent
  • No API to send mail

Pricing Structure

The price is  based on the number of subscribers you’re sending your email campaigns to.


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