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Thrive Tracker

A prime aspect of digital marketing is running campaigns. Be it for branding, lead generation or engagement, managing a campaign eats up a lot of time and grey matter. From ideating the campaign to executing it to reporting it, a running a campaign is no joke.

But our sad days are behind us thanks to Thrive Tracker!

A campaign management tool, Thrive Tracker, aims to help marketers achieve the maximum out of a campaign by aiding in managing the progress and activities of a campaign by providing performance marketers and media buyers with the opportunity to gather strategic insight for optimizing buying and selling practices, while they focus on the more important things – competition, strategy, and scale.

ThriveTracker offers an extremely flexible platform, ready and able to adapt to the needs of the user. Want to track 8 figures of mobile installation clicks on a daily basis with upsell opportunities over a 90-day period – done. Want to provide a primary landing page with 3 different paths, each of which can split-test secondary landing page rotations with unique offer rotations to follow – done. Their tracking solution allows for a business to efficiently develop, manage, and optimize hundreds of campaigns, while also supporting sub-user access roles and a built-in bot filter.


  • Fastest redirect
  • Autoscaling
  • Integrate with Ease
  • Control your domains
  • World class support
  • Extensive reporting
  • LP Pixel
  • Funnel Support
  • Multi user access

Pros and Cons of the Tool


  • The interface is at par compared to other competitors.
  • Geo-redirect/Bot filter is a feature that only Thrive Tracker is providing among the close competitors.


  • Thrive Tracker does not provides free trial of the tool.
  • The basic pricing starts with $79/ month where the other close competitors are providing the basic price plan for just $29/month.   

Pricing Structure:

ThriveTracker offers a free trial after which you can choose from plans starting at $99 per month to $799 per month or draw up a custom plan for your specialized needs.

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