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Campmonk is an archway for the adventure freaks which gives access to breathtaking private campsites across India, encourages people to head outdoors, camp under the stars, and experience the Universe the way it deserves.

Not only does Campmonk let you discover hundreds of private campsites, it also serves as an online portal for booking one of a kind events and experiences.

Campmonkā€™s Expectations

Campmonk approached us seeking our digital marketing service of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their brand. Their goal was to improve their website ranking on Google, improve the website traction, build the digital presence, and grow the brand through SEO. In a nutshell, to procure quality leads through SEO at minimum cost.

Campmonk gave us the complete liberty to experiment with the campaigns. With the freedom to experiment we were resolute about not letting them down and took it up as a challenge to rank Campmonk's website on the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in a shorter period.

Our Crystal Clear Target

  • To rank Campmonk on the first page of the SERP at minimal cost
  • To extensively use SEO techniques
  • Use competitive keywords and gain higher ranking within a short period
  • Procure quality leads and increase conversion rates

Our Tactical Approach

  1. Analyse Campmonk Website
  2. Content Optimization
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Website Optimization
  5. Analysis of the results

Analyse Campmonk Website:

We started our analysis from on-page and off-page SEO audit to ascertain the keywords, page load time, website size, backlinks, etc. The audit was followed by keyword research and competitor analysis.

Campmonk webpage snapshot

Campmonk gives its users a unique camping experience. It was evident that we were dealing with a highly competitive keyword, camping. We started by analyzing their website. Although the content was attention-grabbing-ly good, it wasn't SEO-friendly enough to impress Google. Our first task was, to begin with optimizing the website content and make it SEO-friendly. We were without any doubts geared up for any challenges that were awaiting us.


Content Creation and Optimization

For any job to be successful, it is pertinent to have a bigger picture of the end-results and a clear-cut vision. Fortunately, we did have one, and thus, the Adwords campaign was out of the question. We remained steadfast in sticking to SEO campaign even with high competition for the keyword camping which had around 10000 searches per month.

Content Optimization

We began to collect more content from Campmonk for their website in the form of blogs. More camping-related blogs were regularly added and we also approached as many guest bloggers as we could and asked for their contributions to the website, and soon the website was loaded with new and fresh content.

We started SEO-proofing the articles and meta descriptions to satisfy our SEO goals. Fresh and quality content on the website meant effective usage of keywords. We had to take care of the length of the article along with the frequency and the positioning of the keyword in any particular blog. Of course, we don't ever believe in keyword stuffing!


Content Marketing

Now that we had more content-in-hand, we had to promote them on various platforms. As digital marketers, we have experienced the wonders of several forums, and we wanted to exploit them comprehensively. We started posting the blogs on these platforms.

website data

We were never blind to the fact that SEO is a time-consuming and continuous process. And thus, along with regular updating of content to the website, we also continued to promote them simultaneously.


Website Optimization

Now that we had good content, we straightaway started with website optimization. After running A/B testing, we improved on the design of the website, started executing the link building strategies, and worked on resolving any technical issues that might pose as a threat in our mission to rank at the top of Google.

We also worked on improving the website performance by optimizing the page speed for a better user experience.


Analysis of the results

We continuously analyzed the process to see if our SEO techniques were working. It indeed was. Within 2.07 months of content optimization and marketing, content syndication, website optimization, link building, keyword optimization, page speed and page size optimization, and other SEO activities, we ourselves were astonished to see the incredible results.

user stats graph

The End Results.

Campmonk was soon ranking on the first page of SERP within 63 days of our SEO campaign. Not that we didn't expect this to happen, but we definitely were amazed by the time taken by the campaign. 2.07 months were too less, given the nature of competition for the keyword. And still, we did it with absolutely nil cost.

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