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How WannaThankYou increased its user-base by 500% through Social Media Marketing

convert the social media followers into users

WannaThankYou is a social network platform that lets users express their gratitude with fellow users or non-users. Users can either choose a Thank You message from the WannaThankYou template or write their own personalized message.

WTY Thanksgiving 2018 Campaign

As WannaThankYou revolves around the concept of gratitude, the arrival of Thanksgiving meant it was time for us to roll out the red carpet. We decided to leverage this event to increase the followers and bring in new users.

We realized we had many followers on the WTY Social Media accounts who were not WTY users. Our goal was to convert the social media followers into users and run a successful campaign.

Setting the Campaign in Motion

  • Design and Tech
  • Social Media Marketing

Our Event Promotion Approach

  1. Organic
  2. Paid

Design and Tech

Being a tech-driven Digital Marketing Agency, by default, we eliminate technical hitches, if any, before running any campaigns. We started by updating our Landing Page for the Thanksgiving 2018 Campaign.

Wanna Thank You Referral Module

Since the campaign was a contest, the landing page had to be designed accordingly, friendly enough for the users to participate.


Social Media Marketing

The entire campaign of Thanksgiving circled around Social Media Marketing since one of the main objectives was to convert the social media followers into the users. We started ideating on campaign post ideas to be published on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Campaign Outcome

The campaign was a massively successful one making November (The month of Thanksgiving) a phenomenal one for WannaThanakYou. Below is the data during the month of November 2018 when compared to that of October 2018

The New Sign Ups in November increased to 516.67%

user stats graph

The Traffic to WTY website in November increased by 104.41%

user stats graph

The page likes on the Social Media in November increased by 34%

user stats graph

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