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How our Email Marketing has Performed Above Industry Standards.

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Email Marketing has consistently proven to be one of the most effective forms of marketing. First Launch has exceptionally managed to succeed in the email campaigns, by consistently achieving results above the industry standards.

With emails, you can reach your prospects and customers in large. But not all the emails you send are opened by the recipient. A successful email campaign is not the one which scores maximum open rates but, is the one which scores the relevant open rates.

Not everyone who clicks on the mail is going to get converted into a lead. Emails help us create the trust among the prospects and eventually turn them into leads.

Our Campaign Approach

We follow a unique approach for all our Email campaigns. Though a lot of experimenting is involved, we don't compromise on the quality of our basic and standard approach.

  1. List Building
  2. Customized Emails
  3. A/B Testing
  4. Email Campaign Execution
  5. Campaign Analytics

List Building

As the popular saying goes, "the money is in the list", we are not imperceptive to the importance of an email list. We spend a significant amount of time in building the strategic email lists.

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Customized Emails

One of the major factors that differentiate an email campaign from a social media campaign is personalization. Most of the times, the target audience do not belong to the same group or category. What one finds appealing, the other finds offensive. And thus, the more personalization of content and template, the better.

For instance, in a lead generation campaign for a B2B client, where our target audience belongs to various categories including organizations from different industries or individuals from different expertise, the emails have to be highly personalized to grab their attention, and for the campaign to be successful.

After extensive research on the background of the email recipients, we send out personalized emails, customizing not just the templates but also the content, using our highly efficient email tools.

Based on the response that we get for the campaign, we run a drip campaign, following up with the recipients based on their response to the previous emails so that they can know it's an actual person who is communicating with them and not just any code which is trying to spam their folder.


A/B Testing

None of our email campaigns goes out before pilot testing. We consider the below-mentioned factors before running the actual campaign -

C. Lead Magnets:

Different group of prospects prefer different types of lead magnets. While some would think a simple "How-to" video suffices, prospects who are at the end of the sales cycle might prefer case studies or testimonials.

D. Spam Score and Landing Page Inspection:

We believe in delivering value to our customers through our emails and ensure that none of the emails goes as a spam.

E. Campaign Schedule:

One of the most important elements, that can't be ignored. Certain email campaigns become successful during a weekend, while some become successful during the weekdays.

F. Calls-to-action:

The why-and-wherefore of the email campaigns, these need to be placed perfectly on the emails so that there are higher chances for conversion.

A/b Test

Email Campaign Execution

We also consider several other factors while running an email campaign. We ensure that the emails are mobile-responsive, for we know that more than 50% of the recipients open their emails from their phones. We try to update ourselves with new features in the marketing tools and always stay ahead of the game.

We are proud of the email campaign that we ran for ikigaiHub. As we were introducing a new company, we had to focus on the right audience and produce relevant content for the emails. We got one of the most unexpected responses and also we were able to generate a good number of leads.

Running Campaign

Campaign Analytics

At the end of an email campaign, we perform the analytics to measure the success of the campaign.

Delivery Rate is analyzed to ensure the genuineness of our email list.

Open Rate is analyzed to check the efficiency of the subject line of emails.

Click Through Rate is analyzed to monitor the efficiency of the body content of the emails.

The Results

An email campaign can make wonders. It brings value to the business and builds trust and loyalty among the prospects and customers. No two email campaigns can be similar, and that is exactly why it is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. We consider almost every aspect before running a campaign, because of which we have consistently performed above the industry standards.

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