A full-service digital marketing agency that provides innovative branding solutions through the synthesis of digital marketing, design, and technology and helping businesses establish their digital presence, increase brand awareness and perpetuate brand engagement.

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What do we Stand For?

First Launch believes in providing remarkable data driven solutions by imparting technology and design into the marketing strategies. We create our own opportunities from our learnings to be the best version of ourselves. First Launch is a symbol of Consistent Growth.


The logo has been designed after considering various ideas from every member of the team from different perceptions. Design concepts were explored and with plenty of cuts and tries, unfolds our new logo design- which embodies our values, beliefs, and vision!

Discovery Image
Black and White Logos


The letters F and L are designed to look like a mountain symbolizing growth and rise. Like the mountain that never stops to grow, there is no end for the growth of First Launch. We learn from our mistakes, we dare to be different, we explore our options and we always take an extra mile to create a strong base of our beliefs.

Golden Ratio has been followed in the design so that the compositions are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Construction Image


Red, when compared to many other colors, has a more personal association. It represents strength, creativity, enthusiasm, confidence, assertive, daring, determined, energetic, powerful, enthusiastic, impulsive, exciting, aggressive and the list continues.

Black and red are harmonious together. They represent a great contrast, and hence our new logo is a combination of red and black.

Strong Red
Color Palette


Hind style has been used for the logo. Hind is an Open Source typeface supporting the Devanagari and Latin scripts. Developed explicitly for use in User Interface design, the Hind font family includes five styles. Hind’s letterforms have a humanist-style construction, which is paired with seemingly monolinear strokes. The entire typeface family feels very legible when used to set text

Typeface Image


The Logo, which gives an exquisite look on any base, can be used for branding and merchandising purposes.

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Future Possibilities

The Logo is versatile. In the future, it can be used in various colors depending on the type of services that we provide.

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