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August 8, 2018



With the rapid growth in the digital marketing industry, the demand for digital marketing tools by the digital marketers has mushroomed over the years. With Pinterest being one of the most effective media for social media marketing, it calls for a digital marketing tool that can schedule the posts without having to lose much time.

Viralwoot lets you automate your Social Media presence with Pin Scheduler, so you can spend more time on high-value activities like engagement. Scheduling Pins in bulk saves time and extends your reach by posting at the right time for maximum impact.

Watch how to grow your Pinterest following and engagement using ViralWoot here-

We asked Team Viralwoot a few questions about their digital marketing tool and here’s what they have to say:

1. What was the inspiration for developing this digital marketing tool?

Team Viralwoot says “Primary motive of our product was to help users to schedule their social media posts. Just schedule your posts and switch ON your autopilot mode, it is as simple as that. It helps you in boosting your social media presence too.”.

2. What is the USP of Viralwoot?

Team Viralwoot says “Major hits of our product is- Growth bot that is just like an artificial intelligence”.

3. Who is the Target Audience for Viralwoot?

Team Viralwoot says, “Anyone who uses social media is our target audience. That explains why we have a large user base!”

4. What do your users say about your digital marketing tool?

Team Viralwoot says, “The reviews have been great. Our users are very much impressed with the Growth Bot. Not this only, we have also received a great response for the way we promote your profile on social media via promotional credits!”

5. Are there any new updates or features you have added or about to add to the product?

“We are currently on it. It is too early to speak on that front!”, says team Viralwoot.

6. Who do you consider as the competitors for Viralwoot?

“Obviously Buffer and Hootsuite”, says team Viralwoot.

7. Where do you see Viralwoot, 5 years from now?

“We’re developing every step of the way. Hopefully, we are seeing ourselves making, even more, bigger impact on the people who are an ardent user of social media. Our motto is being flexible in our approach. With so many things making its place in the technology domain, it is must to have a flexible approach to adapt to new technology. ”, admits team Viralwoot.

8. What is the percentage of growth that your product has achieved since it has been launched?

Team Viralwoot says, “With 120.1k monthly unique viewers on Pinterest, the percentage of growth is visible. ”.

9. What is your Pricing Structure?

Team Viralwoot says, “We give two subscription price. The first being a Standard Subscription and the second being a Premium Subscription. To know more about what we offer please refer to this page –”

10. Do you have any other product from your company? (present or in the works)

“Viralwoot is the parent company of Storewoot (with 6M monthly unique viewers on Pinterest), Pricewoot and MySocialPig”, says Team Viralwoot.


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