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Vedh Jagadish in
May 16, 2018

thrive-tracker-digital-marketing-toolA prime aspect of digital marketing is running campaigns. Be it for branding, lead generation or engagement, managing a campaign eats up a lot of time and grey matter. From ideating the campaign to executing it to reporting it, a running a campaign is no joke.

But our sad days are behind us thanks to Thrive Tracker!

A campaign management tool, Thrive Tracker, aims to help marketers achieve the maximum out of a campaign by aiding in managing the progress and activities of a campaign while they focus on the more important things – competition, strategy and scale.

We asked Team ThriveTracker a few questions about their digital marketing tool and here’s what they have to say:

1.What was the inspiration for developing this digital marketing tool?

“Providing performance marketers and media buyers with the opportunity to gather strategic insight for optimizing buying and selling practices,” says team Thrive Tracker.

2.What is the USP of Thrive Tracker?

ThriveTracker offers an extremely flexible platform, ready and able to adapt to the needs of the user. Want to track 8 figures of mobile installation clicks on a daily basis with upsell opportunities over a 90-day period – done. Want to provide a primary landing page with 3 different paths, each of which can split-test secondary landing page rotations with unique offer rotations to follow – done. Our tracking solution allows for a business to efficiently develop, manage, and optimize hundreds of campaigns, while also supporting sub-user access roles and a built-in bot filter.

3.Who are the Target Audience for Thrive Tracker?

  • Performance marketers
  • Direct response marketers
  • Media buyers
  • Media buying teams/agencies
  • Affiliate marketers

4.What do your users say about your digital marketing tool?

“Extremely positive. Our product is consistently stable, despite it’s global infrastructure being load-balanced across thousands of click-tracking servers. Users love the strategic insight data we provide on each click in their campaign funnel, the industry-leading support team for product implementation and problem-solving, and our continuous innovation for their benefit, ” says team Thrive Tracker. 

5.Who do you consider as the competitors for Thrive Tracker?

  • Voluum
  • AdsBridge
  • FunnelFlux
  • TrackRevenue
  • TrackingDesk
  • Binom
  • RedTrack
  • Prosper202
  • CPVLab
  • NewBidder

6.Where do you see Thrive Tracker, 5 years from now?

“ThriveTracker will offer the latest in tracking/campaign management technology, allowing click-by-click optimization with every traffic source on the market. The platform will be backed by the largest and most effective support team in the industry, educating our users everyday on how to make ThriveTracker work for them,” says team Thrive Tracker.

Pricing Structure:

ThriveTracker offers a free trial after which you can choose from plans starting at $99 per month to $799 per month or draw up a custom plan for your specialized needs.

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