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Dhruv Jadav in
September 7, 2018


Linkody is a Digital Marketing Tool which gives you the tools and features you need for a successful link building strategy. With Linkody, you can find and monitor backlinks, assess backlinks with handy SEO metrics and copy and improve on competitors’ backlink strategy.


We asked Team Linkody a few questions about their digital marketing tool and here’s what they have to say:


1)What was the inspiration for developing this digital marketing tool?

Team Linkody says “We wanted to help SEOs all over the world to monitor their link building campaigns”.

2)What is the USP of Linkody?

Team Linkody says “Tracking anyone’s backlinks is the USP of our product”.

3)Who is the Target Audience for Linkody?
  • SEO Experts
  • Agencies
4)What do your users say about your digital marketing tool?
  • We use Linkody to check the backlinks of our domains, to verify desired connections as well as backlinks that we should disavow. It is used primarily in our marketing department to manage our digital marketing presence. – Jack Pennuto, Formtek Group, Inc.
  • Linkody offers great value for money and offers everything for monitoring link building campaigns – Helvis S
5) Are there any new updates or features you have added or about to add to the product?

Team Linkody has written a whole blog on their new feature. Find it here.

6)Who do you consider as the competitors for Linkody?

“No-one we are one big happy family helping everyone monitor their links”, says team Linkody.

7)Where do you see Linkody, 5 years from now?

“Even robots will use it to track their backlinks ”, admits team Linkody.

8)What is the percentage of growth that your product has achieved since it has been launched?

Team Linkody says, “All the way up!! ”.

9)What is your Pricing Structure?

You can refer the pricing policy of Linkody here.

10)Do you have any other product from your company? (present or in the works)

“We have few secrets under the hood 😉 ”, says Team Linkody


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