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Dhruv Jadav in
April 11, 2018

It is hard to find one tool which provides all the SEO analysis at one place to ease the burden of SEO experts. For SEO experts it is hard to search for new keywords, track the rank of the keywords and analyse the backlinks at the same time.

For those who are juggling around different tools for efficient SEO Analytics, we have got a tool for you which not only eases your work but also provides you with the most accurate analysis – be it keywords research, rank tracking or backlink analysis.

KWFinder – One account with access to a bundle of juicy SEO tools.

We asked Team KWFInder a few questions about their digital marketing tool and here’s what they have to say:

1.What was the inspiration behind developing this digital marketing tool?

“Peter, our founder, developed KWFinder originally for his own purpose because there was no such web application on the market at that time” says team KWFinder.

2.What is the USP of KWFinder?

KWFinder is a super easy-to-use keyword tool to find hundreds of new long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. It’s a part of Mangools SEO tools subscription consisting of 4 tools.

3.Who are the Target Audience for KWFinder?

  • SEO specialists
  • Bloggers
  • Digital marketers
  • Business owners
  • SEO beginners
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO agencies

4. What do your users say about your digital marketing tool?

“Great so far with many reviews from respected bloggers and industry leaders” says team KWFinders.

5. Who do you consider as the competitors for KWFinder?

  • Longtailpro
  • MOZ keyword explorer
  • Ahrefs keywords explorer
  • SEMrush keyword research tool

6. Where do you see KWFinder, 5 years from now?

“Well, KWFinder is a SaaS web application for SEO. It’s impossible to forecast such thing. Our main aim is to keep on improving the Mangools SEO tools package by making our tools better and adding new tools” says Team KWFinder.

Pricing Structure :

  • Subscription model: 1 free plan, 3 tiers of paid plans billed monthly/annualy.
  • All of them include all 4 tools.

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