What is ‘Digital Marketing Tool of the Week’?

by Dhruv Jadav on Wednesday Feb 28

Digital Marketing Tool of The Week

Isn’t it great if someone appreciates your digital marketing tool for the hard work you have put into the design and development? What if one goes a step further and features your tool as the best digital marketing tool?  

In the digital marketing field, there are various tools that have emerged which help digital marketers, become fully self-sufficient. One does not require hardcore designing or development skills to aid the marketing campaigns. With tools like Pixlr, Adobe Spark, Animaker, MailChimp, Buffer, etc, a digital marketer can concentrate on his ideas more than worrying about execution.

Even here in First Launch, being a fast-growing digital marketing agency, we come across with various digital marketing tools and tools which have made our lives easy. Tools that help us roll out our instant-campaigns, smoothly and without having much of a dependency from the tech or design team.

I am sure there are a lot other digital marketing tools out there which are striving to make a digital marketer’s life easier and we appreciate their efforts.

Hence why First Launch has come up with ‘Digital Marketing Tool of the Week’. We will feature one tool every week. Your tool will be evaluated on certain parameters like:

  • Overall goal or key inspiration for developing the tool
  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the tool
  • User reviews of the tool
  • Features of the tool and ease of accessing them
  • Effectiveness of the tool

Submit your tool by filling up the digital marketing tool of the week form.

Looking forward to exploring your wonderful tool and feature it.